Black Poetry : live corrupt and fiery can't give up entirely life pulled apart


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May 11, 2006

live corrupt and fiery can't give up entirely life pulled apart
by some bull dog bark, and like NOAH ark it's at the flood mark
plenty alert and can't desert a mini-skirt that's when love start
see a REDBONE sweaty and tender but not ready to surrender and have
sex, she dance with abandon and romance is random boys come with vocab
I rap and try adapt to new circumstances and true romances become
legal, like the qualities of policies this can be used for some
individual needs and original reads for bedtime or sipping red wine
a head is designed to think, always static in separation this rhyme
is a dramatic representation based on my VIRGINIA BEACH history
thought whack kissed this girl caught in the act it's a mystery
"SO LOOK BOO cake help me to take a step toward landing a date
and demanding cake should be handing me a great opportunity to make
it happen through legit rapping, girl your pies are satisfaction and
i realize by your action so lets jump in the bed and splash" "OH NO CAN
do, I'm above the rim and dealing your words stimulate a feeling, they're
revealing my emotions got me dealing with oceans in my panties aware
of that want me to share the fat lips on it doggone it, boys don't care
but truth or dare got proof you aware of what color panties i have on
even though my skirt is down boys work around that so check this alone
there's a kiss in our midst and that's well known it's time to tell a strong
story, to get some pie is hard to come by and from the sky come love in the form
of winging birds and I'm blinging absurd and clinging to a herd of kisses boys swarm
it's a dumb menu to come into a love affair blind fold a boy will find a bold
way to get a girl to spread her thighs so he can put his head in her pies, goal
is to get some because my cake leaves an impression and boys wanna take possession
and throw me in the bed oh red lipstick is everywhere I'm very aware this aggression
could happen kissing and listening to good rapping, oh a redbone in VIRGINIA BEACH
go through a lot boys come with new plot have to keep our eyes open pies be smoking
lies choking our eardrum and it's fearsome sincere rum could help ease it hoping
to escape, come to affairs one kiss can blister the edge and like SISTER SLEDGE "HE'S
THE GREATEST DANCER" and romancer the facts a real potion when I walk back field in
in motion" listening to MEL AND TIM, "GIRL YOU have a plan that's true girlfriend
wanna get my hands on you, in order to proceed to the club I'm in need of love gonna
plead for a hug, your pie no doubt fat and boys cry out for that and like MCDONNA
they strike a pose but boo you'll like a rose right? this is dope and complex as i
hope for sex because I have a desire to possess and it require your breasts pizazz and pie
it's stealth here gonna turn a deaf ear oh dear lets kiss so wet and brisk lets do this"
"NAW PLAYER even with hidden breasts you wanna make a written request to suck them"
she must duck him he ties up his TIMS ready to jump in bed and chew on Slim-Jims
some words I'm afraid to utter because i have grade AA butter and boys will go
nuts after their hormones blow up so my plan here is to stand clear oh dear a glow
on my l8ips from lip-gloss and boy's mind flip lost when they gaze at them oh gosh
my skirt is down but i flirt around town alert of the escape with cake intact wash
my hands of this, boys plan to kiss my lips right here in VIRGINIA BEACH can't squash
that at all
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