Health and Wellness : Link Between High Fructose Corn Syrup and Pancreatic Cancer


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Mar 22, 2004
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I'm seeing all these people with pancreatic cancer: Aretha, James Moody died of it this past year. my sister's father in law and a deacon from the church I used to go to succumbed to this type of cancer which it is said is the deadliest form. I began to wonder is something going on.

I know that the pancreas processes sugar in the diet. So I wondered does the cancer have something to do with sugar. But we've been eating processed sugar for centuries. So what's different now? In the past generation the American food industry has moved us from cane sugar to high fructose corn syrup. Understand this is not a natural food. Corn has to be genetically modified in order to produce high fructose corn syrup. So i did a google search to see if there was a link. Turns out researches have established a link between HFCS and pancreatic cancer and the American beverage industry (Cocoa Cola, Kraft foods et al) have been trying to keep it quiet.

We can't wait for the politicians to decide if our health is worth the billions of dollars the food industry makes with HFCS. We have to pay attention to what is in the foods we eat and not even buy the foods that use harmful ingredients. Every time we spend a dollar we are casting out vote for what goes and what stays. And that 's the only vote the PTB really pay attention to.

Look in your pantry. You will be surprised at all the things that contain HFCS. It's in everything from strawberry yogurt to BBQ sauce. Have you ever thought of making your own BBQ sauce?


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May 25, 2005

~~Right you are, SUGAR Period is an addiction, it's apart of the set-up~~ Also watch out for dextrose, it's sugar too~~
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