Black Poetry : Like the ability of a program it's silly how my flow slam-dunk them **** punks thing they can rhyme


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May 11, 2006
Like the ability of a program it's silly how my flow slam-dunk
them **** punks think they can rhyme like this must be drunk
off grape wines can't escape the lines of the great one so don't
make fun of what you can't do LOL, like Hockey I'm wilding won't
travel to a rocky island that's only accessible by helicopter stay
well and proper within my range and it begin with strange days
of ducking stupidity by those with episodes of wanna be's so hey
practice to display whackness shouldn't be anyone's cup of tea
ouch! Hurt my thumb trying to alert some, now I come with a spree
of knowledge and not the dumb garbage

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I am looking for participants in a study to share their experiences as former African American males served as ED/EBD/BD in the southeast. Participants ages 18-35 will be interviewed and given the opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings and impressions of their school years. If interested or for more information please contact me directly. Thanks, Cheryl
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Thank you for the welcome. I have a question. I am a doctorate student in need of participants for my study. Is it allowable to post a request for study participants. If so, this is the post that would be uploaded:
Let's us all remember in 2021 to protect our energy and to do the best we can to grow and evolve.
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@rhymebad ... i love you ... :love: ... what was going wrong about polls and being blocked and stuff?