Black Poetry : Like a wicked king I kick it with bling but an abuse of power make cruise for an hour in drop top t


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May 11, 2006
Like a wicked king I kick it with bling but an abuse of power
make cruise for an hour in drop top time to run but not cower
my fans great like candidates ready to debate issues that tower
over the population and stop a nation in it's tracks with facts
my pride talk like sidewalks it speak to the street and attacks
like the holidays my skills a bustle with preparation hustle step
to nations to wish them a Merry Christmas and give SANTA help
I'm home yall feel like a stone wall ask girl out she refused so
I see the news buy a rubber and try be a lover could lose as a bozo
my logo is rap till you drop trap her in a drop top kiss her lips
git tongue and then some, now this is BLACK HIP HOP in scripts
VIRGINIA BEACH you a KOREAN girl with sweaty yellow thighs and
mellow eyes right here at the SUBWAY there's love everyday plan
to get a sandwich can wait no longer must do damage to this hunger
load up on cold cuts wheat bread on the streets misled abut stronger
appetites that do exists this girl may give me a true kiss to quench
my thirst let me grab a wrench first tighten my radiator cap French
being spoken up in here, a female with true chemistry is like a retail
shoe industry can have a big boom in sales if the tune of the public prevail
got wisdom when reaching it's like a system of teaching folks learn stuff
and earn enough knowledge to survive and stay alive in life duck handcuffs
so boo my hormones must be fed and just ahead we may have to trust the bed
want cake and my lips await your kiss girl so lets do this what you say huh?”
“ NAW PLAYER I have on a mini-skirt plenty twerk but its pulled down for
real some already try for my sweaty pie I said strongly nope they had a car
too, wanted butter today I jest looked the other way, good pledge swift
stood on the edge of a cliff ready to fall off my body all soft just a gift
wanna lift my skirt soon so they can sniff my perfume while in the room
oh KOREAN girls go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH for real felt doomed
my panties are so hot my juice is stealth potions like the depth of oceans
you will drown if you go down juice jest flow around you have second notions
now, it amuse some that you still wanna use your tongue oh gosh you so sprung
for some and walk among the horny ones, you want a girl with dollars from among
a world of scholars I mean your raps do calm and I'm from PUSAN, no limit here it's
like an academic year can only step and remember September school open legit
fools smoking in the boy's room some of them wanna toy with my perfume a nitwit
wanna hit they be pissed when I say nope but I stay dope with society can't quit
school, remember one boy wrote me love letter a mystery every inch like History
and French that's a tough subject, so blistery must quench my thirst a kisser like me
oh KOREAN GIRLS get hot, wet a lot I bet we don't think the same I'm the type flee
to the club and see love grow on a dance floor romance galore a chance to adore
the DJ mix a lot buy tissue and try issue a phat no in your eardrum like never before
this kiss cure blend my pure yellow skin he's sure to win my love but insecure about
being his girlfriend a whirlwind of love words hit my eardrum its clear some no doubt
got through because my panties are wet as heck right here in VIRGINIA BEACH now shout
it out” “SO LOOK BOO you a hot chick with chopstick and your rice is nice need a slice
of your rice cake my car await us so trust me we go for a ride, let me blow on your dice
and handle the gamble that go along with that the truth today is like tooth decay its
a menace if you don't see the dentist but Novocain kills the loco pain can rest a bit
so boo your body smoking galore let me open the door have a seat sweet” “OK BUT
we only gonna talk or I wanna walk
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