Black Poetry : Like a large town Have great size And take wise Steps must recognize Love and crust protect pies now


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May 11, 2006
Like a large town
Have great size
And take wise
Steps must recognize
Love and crust protect pies
now this is Black Hip Hop
in VIRGINIA BEACH can't stop
on a dime whack cats faint a lot
I dodge around
Duck inside doorway
With luck pride soar today
Words tall and narrow
But like a small arrow
Can be thrown
Got a boss flow
And like a crossbow
Shoot like CUPID
The love fruit stupid
A note is a short letter
In an envelope is better
With sealed flaps
Revealed in raps
My goal is to buy TIMS
So i can have roles in films
Then i can go to boss schools
And wear soft shoes
Made of leather
So i can parade in the weather
Feet stay dry
Get with girls play with pie
These rhyme clutter the skies
And how do butterflies
Navigate when they migrate
When boring i try cake
Now see a redbone
Wanna kiss and head home
Got sweaty yellow thighs
Have ready mellow pies
I’m a freak and shook
Had to take sneak a look
At first glance
A burst of romance
Must make contact
Trust my fate and fact
Feast on cake
Then increase the weight
Of HIP HOP skills no debate
“NAW PLAYER I'm a red bone
and my dress is down you known
to play around with a girl's breasts
and leave us in a world of stress
with wet milk, my flow clean
like it's protein and no machine
can do that only true hats are
tilted and beds quilted so far
I see and want stuff
but it don't be enough
mad surprises
do advises
me to show off
because I know soft
things boys wanna toss
rings on my fingers lost
and in love like DIANA ROSS
a lady that sing the blues
gonna flow loose
and produce


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May 11, 2006
learning to stay alert
and earnings are pay for work
some boys wanna play and jerk
up my skirt walk away from the dirt
pathetic circuses
and cosmetic purposes
love in fine potions
like calamine lotions
flirting cream hot and pure
uncertain mean not sure
just closing the curtains not the cure
oh a yellow Soul Sista go through
a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH that's true
one boy told me he wanted to sink
my pink TITANIC I try be romantic and think
so in nice words
I can run into an iceberg
gosh need to talk to KATE WINLETT
my facts and pride
act as a guide
for a breast tour
and the milk is fresh and pure
living today
but was driven away
in the arms of a boy
his charms I enjoy
one boy amused by
the way I used pie
to abused the sky
I may lose by
going on a date
boys rap flowing for cake
so with a voice
I sing and rejoice
while my thing is moist
boys wear bling its their choice
so like the LONG RANGER a horse
name silver to deliver sex on a saddle
it's a complex battle of hormones
that start to rattle homes
see a queen zone
being an extreme red bone
and have to be keen on
ducking stuff, so when
a wet chick is kissed
she get a kick out of this
one boy tried quick and miss
my lips then tried to sweet talk


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May 11, 2006
my lips then tried to sweet talk
be in charge of my emotions
which are large potions
of yellow beauty and oceans
of strut butt tactics second notions
are blown to the side
boys want cake to unfold
so they can take control
of my love life and this hold
true to all and this do fall
in a category of a very tall
phat story of success
ambition is a desire for success
due to tradition it will require my breasts
close my thighs fire under my dress
wow red wine has a deadline
a time limit this knowledge fed minds
to win it at rap contests misled and asinine
a red bone is a yellow peach


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May 11, 2006
a red bone is a yellow peach
love scream
into my bloodstream
and you wanna hug get cream”
“LOOK BOO I find hot nouns
and jot them down
on the spot as a hound
see junk
and like a tree trunk
there's a log in my game
mind is clogged what your name?”
“SALLY MAY a southern girl with fame”
well boo I travel with a code
after they've graveled the road
to the mall and home
and like a small stone
I'm a fine pebble
but my mind is settle
my flow strong
they wanna throw stones
at my skill even dogs eat bones
off this need a yellow girlfriend”
'NAW PLAYER had swell sex then
as a queen loved the telex machine
was wit this boy a legit toy want cream
the lips on my thing hot and phat juice
flow well we stopped at a hotel dress loose
silk my breasts produce milk when sucked
then duck to keep that from happening tuck
my panties in a suitcase they a fruit vase for
boys, oh this boy really wanted some in the car
my lips red and fine wanted me in bed by nine
his eyes caught on my thighs
guess I'm at fault got pies
oh he talk and tries
to get some
from this wet one

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