Brother AACOOLDRE : Letter to Professor Martin Bernal


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Jul 26, 2001
To: Martin Bernal, Professor Emeritus for Near Eastern Studies at Cornell University

From: Andre Austin, A Buff on Egyptology

Subject: Questions on Black Athena (BA) Volume 3p. 274

I’ve been working on a hypothesis that the language, content and structure of Revelations Chapter 3 alludes to Maat & Tefnut, especially when speaking on the once used term of “Lukewarm”.

Tefnut was originally symbolic of the Tree of knowledge of Good & Evil in the Old Testament. When Adam & Eve ate of this Tree they became ashamed of their nudity and their eyes became awake and aware with understanding. The letters to the Church of Sardis and Laodicea allude to this in a typological manner with Genesis 3:1-7 with the third chapter of Revelations.

The Letter to the Laodicea Church states in part:

Additionally, Lukewarm fits the definition of Equilibrium being between (middle) two opposing elements of Hot & Cold. We know that Maat is balanced and in the middle as you pointed out when talking about the Scales at the midpoint (BA Vol.3 p.277) just like the Tree of knowledge (Genesis 2:9). Equilibrium is an adjective for Maat/Tefnut. More clues are given when Rev 3;16 state that “lukewarm is spit out. Tefnut is born by being spat out by another Egyptian God. The Laodicea church is invited to be rich in gold, clean clothes and those that overcomes come to the door and eat (Rev 3:17-22. The very opposite language is spoken by James concerning the rich against those whose, gold corroded, clothes eaten, crops cry out, those Blessed=those preserved (Overcomes) because a Judge is at the door for the Rich (James 5:1-12). It appears that parts of Revelation chapter 3 was directly responding to James.

The letter to the church of Sardis is similar to Laodicea but uses different terms. Instead of Hot & Cold neither Alive or Dead but sleep and incomplete deeds. To get into the Book of life it requires being Awake (eyes open) and not having soiled clothes (not being naked) giving an allusion to Adam & Eve eating of the Tree of Knowledge (Maat/Tefnut).

Lastly they want the souls in Sardis to hear (understand) what the spirit says. The same is for Laodicea but uses the terms of being able to “see” and be “rich” which Paul states is “Rich in Understanding” see Colossians 2:1-4. So in reality Webster’s dictionary definition of Lukewarm being lacking conviction and being halfhearted applies to Sardis and not Laodicea because they are the ones incomplete while Laodicea is balanced. You can’t take whats going on with Sardis and apply to Laodicea. They probably did this because they could not figure out what Lukewarm really meant.

I started thinking that the Church of Sardis was symbolically sleeping and being in a Dream. I believe I’m on solid ground with Dreamers because Sardis fits The letter of Jude 1:8-11 like a hand to a glove. Now in your book you state that “the most frequent word for dream comes from a root ris to be awake”…A dream was also seen as a moment of contact between the world of the living and that of the dead and the gods. In dreams gods show themselves to mortals to convey their divine wishes, indicate a remedy or make aprediction. This is indicated by another Egyptian term for dream wpt m3T open to Maat, truth or moralityBlack Athena Volume 3 p.274. After I read this above quote I started to think of it in context of the letter written to the Church of Sardis. It doesn’t matter if I’m right or wrong because without it we still have the allusions to the Tree of Knowledge because of the nudity and focus on the eyes. Nevertheless, its exciting to document how things fit together in interesting variables.


Christians make the mistake of equating Hot & Cold with Alive & Dead. They are separate Typological links to the concept of Maat that have different and other similar paths. Hot isn’t always good. You don’t want your body temperature to be hot with a fever or get into some boiling water in your tub; but you do want to rock steady in “Lukewarm”. Lukewarm can’t be equated with incomplete deeds because its symbolic of balance with truth/Maat. Additionally, the people are said to be neither Hot or Cold while the other opposites Alive/Dead spills/pretends to be partially alive while being dead or incomplete just like James said “faith without works was dead (James 2:17) faith is incomplete without works and can’t be whole (James 2:10). Being a little bit alive and a little bit dead is not the same as not being Hot or Cold. With the help of James cleaning up the mess/misunderstanding of the Church of Sardis we are again left with two more quotes from James:

“The perfect law (Maat) that gives freedom” James 1:25

“judged by the Law that gives freedom” James 2:12

Jesus said knowing the Truth sets you free which is an Egyptian proverb where Maat set the Tongue free. “God is Maat (Truth/Law) he liveth through truth, he feedeth himself thereon. He is king of truth, whose truth maketh free the tongue” (From fetish to God in Ancient Egypt By E.A. Wallis Budge p.380). Maat judged your heart in Tongue in Egypt. Speaking of Tongues James states:

“The Tongue is a small part of the body. Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark. The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil. It corrupt the whole person, set the whole course of his life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell” James 3:5-6. This is another reason you shouldn’t want to be Hot with sin.

Lastly I advised Christians to get away from Paul, a puppet for Rome. The real Christians who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls called him a man of lies a sprouter of lies. And Paul responded many times by saying I do not lie and that he takes people in by craft and deceit 2 Cor 12:16. Paul was opposed to the Law James talked about. Maat, Tefnut being within the Law/truthful allowed your eyes to see. Paul took the opposite direction of not being under the Law and having “Something like scales fall from eyes so he could see again” (Acts 9:18), a parody on the Law is my interpretation


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Jul 26, 2001
I guess I jumped the gun too fast. I should of checked Wikipedia to discover that Martin Bernal (1937-2013) passed three years ago. He used to answer my email Q's all the time. I will miss drinking from his fountain of wisdom. Nevertheless, he left us his seeds of Black Athena Volumes 1-3 to grow off of.

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