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Jul 26, 2001

Hi my name is Andre Austin

I have reached the boiling point of no return. My problems with the government has been building since the 1990’s.

I was the youngest black male in the city of Jackson to run for city commissioner in 1994. The local police department objected to me wining and favored another Blackman (Anderson) who served as a Reserved police officer. Later in life his son would be involved in a murder robbery gone bad. His pastor (Rev. Hampton) made a derogator comment to me as to wheter I was a girl or a boy.

Then another Minister with police connections (Rev Combs) began to make demeaning comments towards me. Rev Combs serves as Police Chaplain which is a disgrace to the JPD. He accused me of Homosexuality as well.

I object to White supremacy in the government using the Black Church to contain and control the lack community in order to keep the status quota. I’v e made comments to the effect that I would push the button to destroy White racism over Black people. This has evolved into using poetry and short stories to uplift the truth about the falsehood of Christianity as just a government tool and propaganda to control the masses.

I’m not a racist I have rented out my home to White people and last year had a white roomate who was homeless until he found his own apartment. For this the Nation of Islam headquaters in Chicago accused me of Homosexuality. All this jive aout homosexuality is just designed in an attempt to isolate a person like me who published the truth aout their man made religions.

Because of my peaceful activities the police/government has engaged in a 20 plus year campaign of having me under survelance with listening devises in my home, car, phone and computers. The police/government pass this information on to these religious cults and media outlets. This is a secret psychological warfare campaign designed to make me politicaly, socialy and economically impotent. This psychological warfare is designed to mimi and mirror mental health disorders. The Objective is to collect personal and private data on me and pass it on to religious cults and media outlets to insult, belittle, ridicule me by innuendo, metaphors and code. They never mention my name inorder to avoid lawsuits.

In the past they have used:

Bill Maher’s “Politically Incorrect”

The “Today Show” when Katie Couric was host

Rapper M&M

They currectly use any media outlet I consistently listen to:

97 Am radio

The View

The police and government even tried to use subliminal messages to miss direct me. I left the Television on and they thought I was sleep and began to talk over through the sound of the TV. They wanted me to join the Nation of Islam after their leader made insults to my dead Great Uncle who passed away in 2012. This is when I knew that the Black Church and religious cults were being used by the government to prevent the rising up of the black masses against enforced inequality. Several attempts hve been made to run me down by walking or T-bone me in my former car and make it look like a Text-drive by.

I advocate that blacks protest the government in a prolong manner by rotating 1 million blacks into squads of 100, 000 to camp out in Washington DC in increments of 1 month. Take up arms for self-defense only.

I object to the Black Church being used to buy back guns. Blacks who follow the law need guns to protect themselves against outlaws.

I’m for Blacks to rise up their levels of reading and writing. I’ve published several books on religion, history and politics to advance literacy. For my efforts I’ve been called mentally ill and that nobody would buy my books. I’ve written against drug abuse and ignorance but I’m frustrated by my privacy rights being violated I’m at the boiling point and I’m preparing to exit and get off the stage for that long deep sleep into nothingness.
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