Black Poetry : Let Me Replace Your Crown............


Dec 20, 2004
The rotten Apple
A+ technician
I wonder why such a beautiful black face
almost always wears a frown
let me sit and talk to you for a few
i know I can turn that frown upside down
the way you're lookin' at me
says you've been readin' Terry McMillan
probably from curiosity, or the pain from an ex
let me upfront apologize for that terrible feelin'
I'm a scorpio on my mothers side baby
meaning I was built for love
but my pops raised me like a Leo
so I have the heart of a Lion just in case your ex tests a T.H.U.G.
but I don't mean thug as in a gangsta
this definition, to you may seem odd
but thug to me means
Thriving, Humble, Undeniable God's
and I vow to never be less than that
give u nothing less than facts
from my mind, body & soul we can mentally travel to Antioch
and I will give you nothing less than Acts
some brothas bring women down
cause their arms are too short to box with you
so they revert to their animal instincts
but you don't need 'em, you got God with you
but I'm really here to listen
tell me about all the stress in your life
cause the look in your eyes says your heart is frozen
but from every tear drop, I can see how I'm melting the ice
I can easily get you to forget about your pain
all I have to do is share my positive energy with you
so that whenever we're not together
you can identify any enemies with you
but I'm all about love
and it's you that I'm focused on
why should I let you walk this earth alone
when in the back of my mind, I know it's wrong
You may be having a hard time believing me
but, here take my hand so you can feel my vibration
for the hands of a man can tell you
just what type of man you're facin'
I bet your ex's hands were rough
though he claimed to be a pretty boy
on occasion, even borrowed your make-up kit
but then again, you said he was a pretty boy
ha ha, see I got you laughin'
I knew you couldn't frown forever
your beautiful smile and my whit
says that we were meant to be down together
& you represent me like I represent you
whether I'm in or out of town
& we can communicate with each other
with just a look in the eyes, even with out a sound
some brothas disrespect beauty like yours
from lack of knowledge, so they feel the need to tear it down
they get scared when they see you rising above them
cause they don't want to see you wear your crown
they'll say you're acting to uppity when they see you reading
and blame you for the ills of their people
but you ask him what he's doing to improve
just to make the playing field equal
I hate to see my queen
in a position where she's not herself
but I can't stand to see a brother take advantage
and disreguard her wealth
for we're all were born from a woman
so to disreguard the same, means u disreguard yourself
but I was just wondering why such a beautiful black face
has yet to find away to replace her frown
everything happens for a reason, so the reason we're here together
is because the creator sent me here to replace yor crown!

By Info-Moetry © 2005


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
tyte drop changing the crown and the true meaning of T.H.U.G


Well-Known Member
Oct 4, 2003
I was almost rendered speechless with this one. I loved these gentle words which spoke out with such strength. Thank you for this brotha poet.

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