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Dec 11, 2006
UK..not for long
Lesbian women? Promiscuous? I think that you are talking about gay men and not the gay community in general.

Admit it guys, you get turned on by seeing two women going at it. It's those damned porn films that give you all these silly ideas!

And to add what another poster stated: to a ''red blooded male'' there no such thing as a pretty 'lesbian' them, she just hasn't met the right one man!!:em0200:


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Apr 21, 2007
What's the deal with men and lesbian women? Why are so many men interested in lesbian women? Think it's not true? Go to personal websites and notice how many lesbian women post warnings-if you are a man don't write! What is it?

It is not the first time I've seen it. I have friends who think that getting involved with a lesbian would be a "great" relationship. What prompts this thinking? I have several lesbian friends who tell they are constantly pursued by heterosexual men who just won't take no for an answer. From their looks, I would be the first to admit that any male in his right mind would be interested in any of them, BUT-although I love beautiful women, my interest suddenly wanes when women aren't interested in me-no matter what their sexual persuasion.

So, why the hassle? I've seen men who can't no for an answer in heterosexual situations and they are the bane of disinterested women everywhere, but to pursue a woman who's interest is in other women seems like a clear chance to stay out of that no-win situation. Yet, they persist. Why? I am not na?ve, but it seems so clear cut that why would anyone waste the effort? Do women try to seduce gay men?

I try my best not to judge anyone, but in this case I'm going to make an exception by saying that men who knowingly pursue these women either have no idea of what it is they are doing, which I doubt, or they don't care that they are invading another person's space.

Is it just me? Or, am I too sensitive to the needs of others? Any women who doesn't want my attention are spared my desires no matter how strong they may be. I would expect the same treatment from any woman whom I did not want. So, again, what is it with men chasing after lesbian women?

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If they are interested in lesbians...i don't think it's the butch ones they are interested in


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Feb 19, 2001
Lesbian women? Promiscuous? I think that you are talking about gay men and not the gay community in general.

Admit it guys, you get turned on by seeing two women going at it. It's those damned porn films that give you all these silly ideas!

Based on what GLAAD themselves say, the gay community is more promiscuous. There have also been published reports




Aug 26, 2010
i think even sexual desires are man made because they are activated in the human mind

the idea of having something that you supposedly can not is a power chase

i think the misconception is that GOD is a man, because homosexuality is considered the "mark of the beast", but this is theoretical and inaccurate

so since the GOD in me is not of the male qualities and I still am into men, there must be something wrong with me, or I am just looking like a woman

even a "gay man" is a man because his ego dictates that he can't have a women that is not attracted to women physically because he desires men

women seem to like me alot, and it don't bother me, but my personal taste seems to be a man who is in touch with female qualities

the man and i use that term meaningfully, that I am in Love with happens to be attracted to men

it is a blow to my ego, but I won't change my physical or soul to achieve his Love back

you can't tell people what to Love or feel attracted to

sister is a term of respect, and not the actual lineage

the divine union is between a heterosexual woman and a homosexual man

the sacrifice is in rejecting the egos voice, in that this Love simply can not be

Love is as it is

Lust can be developed over time

but Love can't be turned out or changed

If one is not homosexual you can not activate a region in that brain that does not exist, nor a hatred that is not found within

If I can't "marry" a homosexual man then I'm not marryin nobody

I just want my man to be real and happy, and if that produces jealousy in my acceptance of his perfection, it's just too bad

His happiness makes me happy and his contentment makes me content

it might hurt my feelings the thought that he may not find me lustfully his type

but my heart is his and belongs with him

but my heart doesn't belong to any women, it can't

it was made for man

and although the world tries to dictate what a man should be

there is nothing sexier to me, then a man who respects a woman

not one that submits to a woman, but one who accepts a divine woman for what she is, and if he feels the need to change to be a part of her world then he is the one that is sadly mistaken

sex is sex and people should just be who they are

I'll never leave him alone and he'll never leave me alone, we are connected in the womb

my sister turned the lights on to show herself, but he found me in the dark

i'm not gonna fight for what is mine, this is crazy

he just figured out that i was in Love with him in September

it's hard to realize that your whole existence is a lie, but I had to face it, and so does anyone who is seeking truth

everyone is someone, no matter what the world says

and everyone counts and matters

and my Love is my Love

the truth is he is sleeping with me, conceptually, and cheating on me in my face, but whatever

I been loving him since my time began and i'll be Loving him when my time expires

that's all i'm taking with me

when i go
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