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Oct 6, 2003
This piece was written a while back when I was in a poetry slam and didn't do very well. It's definitely a performance piece so excuse the mic and stage references. It's about how the other poets treated me after the fact and just my general idea of how cruel a poetry scene can be. Pardon the language, but I was upset at the time!!! Enjoy!

Learning Tools

I'm not as stupid as I used to be...or so I thought
I'm supposed to get smarter as life gets harder, but in my case...I guess not
I'm still doing stupid things like,
Letting men break my heart,
Not thinking before I talk,
And walking into walls of uncertainty that makes me lose track of my thoughts
But I 'm supposed to be so smart
Smarter than the average humanoid
My mother trained me to be null and void of people who constantly perpetrate negativity
And to hide the key to my self esteem deep within me
But my own father burglarized my self esteem and had a funny way of swallowing my pride for me
Leaving me empty and seemingly hopeless of filling the cup of my pride back up
But his insensitivity made me look at other people objectively
Keeping my eyes wide open and stepping lightly so I can hear the sharpening of the knife by the backstabber walking 2 steps behind me

But I'm not as dumb as I used to be
My smile is wide but my soul is deep enough to read the souls of my enemies
Old enough to pick up on your trickery
And wise enough to make you think you're pimpin' me when I'm really bi**hing you
I've played my cards in I-De-Clare-WAR and life always holds the deuce
But it hasn't beaten me yet so I d**n sure won't let you

But to tell you the truth...I'm still a little stuck on stupid
Because I'm surrounded by people that do so much backbiting that they forget to chew
They swallow souls up whole but don't really consume...they just let it stew
Just long enough for you to give up so they can spit it right back at you
If you don't know what I mean, then I'll put it in bold letters for you
I'm talking about this poetry scene

Right now, someone thinks that I don't deserve to get on a mic
That I'm too much of a f**k up to get this poetry s**t right
That I can't keep track of my thoughts long enough to get my point across...and you are absolutely right
My mind spans the globe so it's hard for me to stay focused
Sometimes I get choked up on my verbs and forget my words
But instead of constructive criticism, I get a thumbs-up and fake compliments like..."You did good!"

If I stink I'd rather you hand me a bar of soap than smell me from a distance and turn up your nose
I will not explode if you tell me to reconsider my flow or to practice a little more
But ya'll don't give a f**k because you think I'm up here just trying to get a nut
And you know what....YES-I-AM!!
I wanna nut until my brain bleeds so I can spread knowledge like an infectious disease
Because an orgasm is all in your mind, you see

But I want you to understand that your applause won't make me come...
Your praise won't make me come...
Being on a stage will not make me come...
But your backbiting....your backbiting will make me come HARD
Hard enough for my soul to bust
Hard enough for you to think you just busted a nut
I wanna come so strong that you will smell it on your clothes FOREVER....FOREVER EVER...FOREVER EVER? (OutKast)

Yeah, I want you to remember
Remember where I started
Remember when I fell flat on my face and how hard you laughed
Remember that I got back up
Remember that I always tried in spite of
And most importanly, remember when I spread my wings
Because that's when your faking and your backbiting meant nothing
And I've finally made this poetry thing count for something
Something bigger than me and my stupidity
Just big enough to see my enemies clearly as well as my future
Whether it be as a writer or a teacher...
Either way, I refused to be hindered by the spitefulness of other...because I'm smarter than that

If need be, I'll be the sole proletariat of this poetry community
Just to spread revolution of the mind and society
But, until then, I will continue to spread knowledge from word...spoken word.

Copyrighted by Tamara Al-Rashid 2003


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May 5, 2003
Seattle, WA
strength coach
this is not the declaration of independence - it's the declaration of strength. phenomenal work. sure wish we could hear you read it.


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May 13, 2003
Bay Area, CA
Servant of the People
yo islander...
my sista where have you been all this time??!!??
holdin back this tyteness when we been here awaitin' :wave:
I know what u mean when people underestimate your minds span...but thas all takes good people to know good people...those perpetrators were a waste of ya are betta off without em my sista :)
flow on...please lol :)

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