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Aug 30, 2004
I was readng this article that was saying that a good percentage of females enjoy certain aspects of astrology... things like horoscopes, palm readings, and even magic tricks... just wanted to know if that was true?


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Jul 23, 2003
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PD for a Non Profit
I don't know if women really enjoy it more than others or that's what is forced down her throat when reading ANY magazine geared towards females; every magazine that i can think of has an astrology section. I dont' really pay them any attention.

i think people in general, especially women, probably pay it any mind because they normally say positive things. Who wouldn't want to hear that good, nice things are coming their way?

my son loves magic tricks? but then he loves to have people hanging on to his ever word. lol...

when i worked for the post office. it was not women but MEN who was all up in astrology.. Such and Such was nothing was some water... so don't pay them any attention.... not i may not have bought into it BUT that reading aqil did for me was so dang accurate it was scary!...

so maybe you are right... dang..i just discredited anything i might have said... lol... lol...


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Feb 9, 2001
What you read in magazines is not even the tip of the iceberg (figuratively speaking) when it comes to astrology. It's mostly fluff and "feel good" stuff that's written to appeal to readers, which astrology is none of in my opinion. Cosmic and metaphysical science is nothing new to Black people. We've always engaged in it in some fashion and still do in many religions to some degree and in some form. Catholic rituals are rife with it. I'm no expert, but my daughter is, as is Brother Aqil. I find it fascinating and deeply spiritual. In recent years, it has definitely earned my respect. Oh, and btw, it's my understanding that Black people--men and women--with "open" minds, are equally knowledgeable about and respectful of astrology on a cerebral and spiritual level and not the kind found in the daily horoscopes in newspapers and magazines.


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Jan 11, 2006
I like to view it for boredom's sake

But I don't believe in it at all. The stars and they way they are designed has nothing to do with who you are as a person and what you are doing or going to do in life. I believe in God.


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Feb 28, 2009
I was readng this article that was saying that a good percentage of females enjoy certain aspects of astrology... things like horoscopes, palm readings, and even magic tricks... just wanted to know if that was true?

Personally, I do believe there are some aspects of astrology which are true and applicable.

However, I more-so believe in "nature and nurture." I believe that we are all products of our experiences and exposures and genetics than which planet or moon or phase one's zodiac is in.

I do not regard astrology as a "guide" for my life.

God's Word is the perfect guidance, advice and direction for my every need and want.

I've never had any real interest in palm readings, and "magic" is just another form of entertainment for me like watching a movie or a comedy show.

Overall, astrology is not a significant part of my life. Prayer is the tool I use for answers to dilemmas, conflicts and decision-making in my life.

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