Black Sports : Kobe Bryant Charged


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Bryant charged friday with sexually assaulting a 19 yr.old
woman in a case bound to tarnish the career of one of NBA's
brightest superstars

he could face up to 4 years to life if convicted !
on this single charge of assault
Eagle county district attorney say Bryant used physical force and caused sexual penetration or intrusion on the woman

he immediately claim his innocence , but say he did make a mistake of adultery he say nothing happen on June 30th
on the woman that was against her will now she falsely accuses
me of such charge ......

also his wife back him in support stating he's no criminal....

can this truely be the end of a star on the rise?
and how will it damper this career & family in whole ?

the answers yet known
but Kobe Bryant will be back in court Aug 6, 2003 to face
these charges up against him...:eek:


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
surely what you speak on would be a nice topic in open forum

my point is stated about a young man accused of
such act and how would it affect this family & career
not all this ploice / mayor / military issues
and surely there are millions that know who Kobe Bryant is !
he's one of NBA brightest stars

but i do feel u and indeed i know the issues we face daily in our
continue struggle

so my point is again ! as stated above ......


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
point well taken .....thanks for your enlightment to our men and
struggles we face but this was a sports question only ?
i will open a thread in the open forum on this issue...


Apr 12, 2002
Kobe Guilty or Not Guilty

I have never been a Kobe Bryant fan and for this to happen to someone like him is not a surprise. Other than the fact that he has $$$, he hasn't done anything that an ordinary man hasn't done. He said it was consensual and she said it wasn't. Well, it's his word against hers. I believe that "some" people will only let you see one side of them and, of course, that's the good side.

I wonder why so many people are so shocked by the news. How are athletes any different from musicians? When you're in the spot light, there will be fans that want a piece of you.

If everyone could remember Magic Johnson admitting to having HIV (darn wonder how he got that) a lot of people felt bad for the guy. Hmmm, who was feeling bad for his wife? What about Mike Tyson convicted of rape and spending time in prison. Even, the beloved Michael Jordan has been known to stray too. On and on the list goes.

Athletes, entertainers and even politicans have committed crimes and only got a little tap for it. Sometimes the media and a lot of fan place these people on pedestal and then become shocked when they are bad.

Like I've stated on another thread about this same issue...for a lot men, the only thing that's bigger than their penis, is their ego. What can be more fulfilling for a man than to have lots of women to boost his ego, regardless if he has a loving woman at home?

I have no respect for any man or woman who cheats on their spouse. It just tells me that the vows that were taken meant nothing.

I don't know if he's quilty or not, but if he is, I hope he pays dearly for it to send a message to these "stars" that they are not above the law. If not quilty, good for him. Hope his wife can truly forgive him and not worry too much when he's on the road whether he's screwing another woman. What a life to live.

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