Black Poetry : know better, DO BETTER..


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Aug 26, 2008
2day I had an epiphany
that the person who was stumbling was me.
My mouth I spoke love & positivity,
then opened up n washed it down with profanity & misery.
How can blessings & cursing share the same source,
when mere thoughts can throw your body & your spirit off course?
Negative words fuel negative thoughts fuel negative actions,
& I’d rather fuel up for some positive interactions.
So I’m setting an example of verbal purity.
Somebody call a plumber & tell him to get these feces out of me.

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Thank you for the welcome. I have a question. I am a doctorate student in need of participants for my study. Is it allowable to post a request for study participants. If so, this is the post that would be uploaded:
Let's us all remember in 2021 to protect our energy and to do the best we can to grow and evolve.
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