Black People : Kindness or Weakness

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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"Don't Take My Kindness For Weakness"
we've all said or heard it before
but where exactly do they blur?

is it after you slapped me twice
and even then i remained nice
hearing a request to love me once more
giving it to you, then hearing you snore
was it at that point when it happened
that my kindness was somehow lessened?

did it happen when you stole my money
said you were sorry and forgive me honey
my heart did soften, we mended the bridge
now money is missing with no food in the fridge
am i failing some big life test
choosing rather, my strength to suppress?

what about the time i said goodbye
only to return and you know why
promising that you'd do me right
but instead we do nothing but fight
is it here, in the muck and the mire
that my kindness began to backfire?

it's so hard to quit, so hard to move on
put so much energy into this love song
but the music stopped playing long ago
i'm weary of dancing with my own shadow
busy focusing on days gone by
when you really did love me, never made me cry

yes i've grown weak for what used to be
hoping you'd come around and let me see
the man that i know within you resides
a man of much honor, integrity, pride
perhaps if i'm patient, give it one more time ...

or am i only doing it again
providing a way for me to defend
my lack of courage, strength and resolve
to cut my losses, move on and evolve?

kindness or weakness?
their meanings are pointless
dealing with you the line is so thin
i can never use either of these words again


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May 11, 2001
Atlanta, GA
It's a thin line
two words with so much meaning
go head sistah girl flow on
stay strong
cause we all will survive !


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Mar 19, 2001

sister i have seen this in it's nakedness. some just don't get it. nice scribe queen.

one love,blak


Jan 22, 2001
I wish I could flow like dat

That was tighter than a motherdestee i wish i could flow like that:eek:
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