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Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
Beloved, what you are witnessing, that is taking place in Kenya, is indicative of the behavior all over Black Afrika officialdom and Conditioned Black so call Afrikans barbaric belief, which drive us so call Afrikans to act and behave toward each other as you now witness Black people in Kenya acting so Arab/European, when a dispute is the motivating factor.

Every so call Black Afrikans, carry a blame for what ever goes on in Afrika that does not display a Divine Attitude and Behavior, a psychological attitude that no longer serve as the Guide to a once Divine Black Nation.

The Voice of all Divine Minds should rise up in defiance against the so call Afrika Union and so declare that Union is Duplicity in the happening that is now going on in Kenya and all over Afrika, where an Unsuitableness is taking place.

You claim concern about a Name, but not about the Dying of Black so call Afrikans and Afrika, and the only convincing concern we can show about Afrika and the Lives of the so call Black Afrikans, require that Direct action be applied to the Social / political, Tribal hemorrhaging that Afrika and Black so call Afrikans are experiencing.

The so call Afrikan American, the Great Pretenders to be Lovers of Afrika and our Blackness, when Afrika and the so call Black Afrikans are concerned, yet we who have a fetish for conferences and meaningless Meeting, a lover to talk and show of just how much we do not Know about Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan Self, never in the Mood to challenge the Status Quo, they that Mold and shape the way we are to believe, act, and behave, toward all of the Lies taught to us Black so call Afrikans, a technique that has proven to be successful in having Black so call Afrikans to now be passive and Complacent when our well being is at stake.

Kenya is in an up Roar and the Black World Look toward our Colonizers and Enslaving Masters to calm a Black so call Afrikan Attitude and behavior that has been spawned by that very Lying and Deceiving source, which we have been conditioned to Believe in, have Faith in, and to place all of our Hope in, and you so call Black Afrikans, pretending to wonder why the Black World wear the Attitude and Behavior that we do, toward our oppressors, a behavior that is so Loving and Trusting, but against each other, it is a Behavior that is so Destructive toward each other, and we do not have the tenacity to rise up and take care of our own Business, in the way it should be taken care of.

You, with your so expressed claim of your Educational intellect, you should know what Need to be done in Afrika and you should carry a Desire to do what is Needed, in order to prevent such Barbaric acts that Black Folks claiming to be Kenyans are displaying before the World, an expressed attitude and behavior that is acted out so commonly in Afrika, by so call Black Afrikans, what a pity and a shameless Black So call Afrikan people we have become, and all that is on your pitiful Mind is a Name, to raise a none issue about.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you

Chief Elder

emanuel goodman

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Jun 25, 2006
social worker
Please be patient with the questions I have for u and my honesty. Speaking for myself dear elder I donot posses a strong urge to return and right some wrong much in the way afrika did not come back to reclaim ask fight for there stolen children us now here and across this elemental cluster. Why does my heart feel this way. I understand that in somes eyes the black termed community in america has been given a piece of the human being as u term them that we have jobs and education does that put us in position to effect change. Will the current political aggressors welcome our interventions as outsiders.I am not against trying to save the lives of our family members. It breaks my heart to see any form of my people in strife but it is my people as the captains of this ship of dispair .just like the captains behind our change of address to this current version of this biblical termed nod. What do u suggest we do all we are versed at is marches and speeches smile. Thanx for your feedback dear elder.

Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
First allow me to say this to you beloved, as long as we are in America diaspora, what you are looking at as for our progress, that is all you are going to get and that is based on how well we are behaved and is willing to comply with the Unjust Laws that keep us Afrikan Americans alway begging for further relief from the grips of America injustice.

If you, meaning in general, are satisfied with individual Competition among Black folks for the limited social, Economic gains of crumbs allowed to you, then No!, you have no desire to return Home and you become releaved to just view what is going on in Afrika amongst Black People from afar and extend our pity and sadness but never the desire to return home and become a party to the Change that is need in afrika for afrika and the so call Black Afrikans.

The Afrikan Anerican will never rise to a position whereby Control and Authority will be invested in Your Mind, without the Influence of the American Human Beings oppressors, such a fact is not up for Wise debate.

Now, what is it we must begin to do in order to bring Liberation to our Mind and it is the Black Mind that is in captivity, Believing as the Human Being has so conditioned us to believe, beloved, there is nothing wrong with us Conferencing and Meeting, not if the purpose of those Gathering is for Planning and strategizing not for civil Right, not for affirmative Action, but for our Liberation away from America, with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation in our possession, it being to serve to be the Ark of our savior.

So, what we need to do is put once again the emphasis on the Sisters and Brothers on the Ground, they are Afrika Divine True Warriors, they just Need to be organized again, but this Time for the Purpose, not for the illusion of freedom but for the Divine Reality of our Liberation away from America.

You see, we should be willing to learn from our first Mistake in the so call struggle for our Civil Rights, disguised to be our Liberation, when all that the civil Rights struggle was for Advancement, Betterment, and up-graded priviledges, principles that has no relationship with Freedom, Independendce and Justice for the Children of the Middle Passge.

The so call Afrikan American is a creature of Habit and our Habit is to be in close proximity with our oppressors, gladly to take dictate from them, concerning our Life and the way we should Want ( not Need ) to Live it in America and to Hell with our Return back Home, because that would signify the oppressors beginning decline.

I have given you as much as a Wise Black person should give you on this internet, regarding your inquiery.


Chief Elder

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