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Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
Keeping it real from the heart: We need to talk, Why is it that some people get away with things in society & others don't. It's a double standard. Also how come atheists have so much hate in their system ? Love should become the essence of one's inner existence. As a society we are slowly drifting away the fundamental values in which make are country great. This leaves me feeling ton inside. Many people today live by sight behind a false hidden garb of compromise. Can't we through Satan's evil lies. That's why I think faith is so beneficial it's believing in a substance of things unseen the evidence of things to come. Just knowing something superficially isn't necessarily biblical truth. You have to back it up with the word of God. Still it makes me wonder when someone dies have they been actually dead for years until the moment ? Sin is actions in which humans rebel against God. Miss their true purpose for their lives. Surrendering instead to the prince of the air more then God cause all their deeds were evil. Still faith without works is dead if not put into action. Even the devil believes & trembles inside. Only one life is soon to be past only what's done for Christ is going to last !
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