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Jul 26, 2001

By Andre Austin

Several years ago I watched comedian Katt Williams perform his Apocalypse tour of 2012. It was brilliant and funny. There was only one minor flaw on his act on stage. Williams was able to include everyone to laugh with him with his jokes except the LGBT community. His jokes against the gay community were laughing at them instead of everyone laughing with eachother. Katt Williams is literally a genius being a member of the exclusive Mensa club and having a very high IQ somewhere up there like 160’s. I believe he can fine tune his comedy show where everyone can laugh together and not against eachother.

I’m taking Q from President Barack Obama, a bi-sexual himself who said: “All too often I have sat in a church and heard a pastor use gay bashing as a cheap parlor trick-‘It was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!’ he will shout, usually when the sermon is not going so well” (The Audacity of Hope By Obama p.222). Obama made history by first mentioning gays in his Inaugural Address.

I’m informed by comedians like Chris Rock that pastor sit in the audience to watch him do his thing so they can latter incorporate his jokes on Sunday in their church. With that said Comedians can be good teaching guides. For example, back in 2010 Chris Rock and others starred in the comedy hit Death At A Funeral. In the film there’s a white gay midget trying to use pictures extort money from Chris whose father just died at their funeral. Somehow an accident happens and the midget dies and is buried with his father in the same casket together. Now everyone was able to laugh at this without the expense of dehumanizing, demeaning and ridiculing the LGBT community out of their dignity, self-worth and basic respect. If martin L. King could be friends with an atheist and a black gay man why is this a stumbling block for the rest of us?

Maybe the Comedians/Church preachers don’t realize just how much they hurt the gay community. Maybe a quote from Cornell West could help:

“In their efforts to be themselves, they are told they are not really “Black Men”, not machismo-identified. Black gay men are often the brunt of talented black comics like Arsenio Hall and Damon Wayans. Yet behind the laugh lurks a black tragedy of major proportions: the refusal of white and black America to entertain seriously new stylistic options for black men caught in the deadly endeavor of rejecting black machismo identities”. (Race Matters 1994, p.129)

Personally I like black comedians. In a poem I wrote years ago titled I Love Black Comedians many shouts out were given and Katt was named. The only Educational objection I had with Katt on his Apocalypse tour was him saying the ancient Egyptians worshiped God with a piece of Corn. The Egyptians were an Agricultural society using food as a theme, illustration and parable to tell a higher story. Corn was symbolic of resurrection from which was placed on the coffin of Osiris. Jesus gave a parable of Corn/resurrection in (John 12:23-26). When the early Christians wanted to portray Jesus he had wooly hair and corn braids. A gold coin of Justinian II, Byzantine Emperor from (565-578AD), shows the effigies of Christ and Justinian on opposite sides. Notice the curled pepper-corn hair style of Christ in imitation of a native black. But Christians worship the sodomite Emperor Domitian etal as Christ, who was bald and wore a white wool wig. The real Christ had nappy wool hair like the Egyptians and Ethiopians so the corn style may be symbolic of resurrection just like Osiris had corn on his coffin. The real Christ was killed off then represented the opposite of who he was in the Roman written Gospels. I just had to lay something heavy on Katt for him to think about. Because in reality there is a triangle going on with Christianity, Rome and Egypt. And those in the know, know what I’m talking about. And its similar by analogy to the Transatlantic Trilateral-slave trade imposed on black human beings. But that’s another story.

Coin on left Christ with corn braids

And with that I send to the mini black Cat a soliloquy in my poemology form:

Can the black chuwawa dog/cat change his comedian script, yes he can tweak

To give the Gays some freaky Tongue and Cheek

Like Don Cornelius said: “Its gonna be a stone Gas”

When da wind done Gone expose the Pimp chronicles licking somebody’s Az.zzz

The LGBT community is getting the upper hand these days. The Five Supremes in DC just gave them the 14th amendment relating to marriage equality last month. Claud Anderson who was the first to spearhead Affirmative-Action program in 1971 from which all are modelled after doesn’t want midgets and **** to be included in the 14th and AA programs because they were originally designed exclusively for blacks. But up came Diversity, a word Anderson says was first used in slavery when there were three or more blacks assembled together law dictated there had to be a white in it to supervise/diversity the group. This was to make sure no plots were seeded or hatched. Anderson likens diversity to that and black coffee being weakened with milk and sugar. He wants it to stay too black and be too strong. I like Anderson being he’s the only single Blackman in his black think tank Harvest Institute and to seek reparations in a courtroom still pending. He looks just like my Great Uncle Red who passed three years ago. He doesn’t give motivational speeches but empowerment lectures I consider Gospel. Anderson wrote in his famous Black labor, White Wealth (1994)p.51-52:

“Just as the socio-political context nullified the effectiveness of the 13th Amendment for blacks, it also made the 14th Amendment a dead letter for blacks. The equal protection clause was written into the Constitution as part of the 14th Amendment in 1868. But it wasn’t until 1954 that this language was interpreted to make it unconstitutional to overtly and explicitly discriminate against blacks. The court interpreted the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments broadly and applied them to many situations unrelated to blacks…In 1886, the Supreme Court used the 14th Amendment on equal protection and due process to abolish 230 state laws that regulated corporations. Corporate legal counselors argued that corporations were “Persons” and their money was property protected by the due process clause of the 14th Amendment”.

Just a couple of years ago Chief Judge Roberts updated and reaffirmed that White Corporations were people but dissented last month that gay people be included in the equation of equality of the 14th Amendment. If the 14th Amendment was good for white corporations it should be good for gays from which black people are in the LGBT community too. I find it disturbing that Anderson pretends that blacks aren’t gay too. Anderson goes on with his analysis of the 14th amendment:

“Of the 14th Amendment cases brought before the Supreme Court between 1890 and 1901, only 19 dealt with blacks, versus 288 with corporations. The court showed favor to the corporation, but ruled against blacks in all 19 cases. The court refused to hear the majority of cases involving blacks who were openly disenfranchised, exploited, terrorized and lynched by the powerful and wealthy. Between 1882 and 1892 approximately 2,600 blacks were lynched”.

So we see a sinister pattern and cycle of laws and programs being created to help blacks from persecutions being then turned and used against us. For example:

A. 13th Amendment out lawing slavery except for conviction of crime was turned into convict-lease programs, Sharecropping, black codes and Jim Crow to tie blacks as serfs to white lands to work for a nominal price or for free

B. 14th Amendment used by white corporations and individual white for reverse discrimination? In reality white drove the cars on black people’s feet and put the automobile in neutral. Meaning blacks can’t move forward.

C. 15th Amendment. Voting rights act reduced blacks to symbolism without substance. There’s no correlation between black elected officials and blacks getting benefits. We are promised nothing and we get nothing. The election of the first black president was for the benefit of white to give the appearance of tolerance. But the 1% have no intention to give equality and justice with the distribution of 98% of the wealth that’s already locked up. Black people need to be independent and have politicians court them and write down contracts as to what they plan on doing for us. We need a Quid pro quo: you do me and I will do you. We are the only people told to just be happy we voted, go home and don’t ask for nothing. Because your Poor and you know that the poor will always be with us (Matthew 26:11 & Deuteronomy 15:11). That’s just like being put in a Monopoly Game and at the onset is looked over when money and resources are distributed out. Or even better being told to compete in a race 400 years after the gun was blasted to start running. With Satan yelling out “catch up, catch me if you can Blackman!!!!”.

The infamous Plessy vs Fergusson Case of 1896 was thought out in part from the Declaration of Independence that stated “The separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of Nature’s God entitle them…should declare the causes which impel them to the separation”. This abnormal theory was abandoned only on paper in the 1954 Brown vs Board of education. However, in realty we are more “Separate and Equal” in 2015 like we were in 1915. But everybody should be able to tap into Declaration of Independence giving us Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (property). Hollywood put a black face (Will Smith) to promote two movies Independence Day and The pursuit of happiness to pacify the masses and mask the sinister plot of excluding us from the dream which is our nightmare. They give us fame while they take the fortune; we get Symbolism while they get the substance.

As Comedians and Church pimps, who eat of their flock in pews, continue to scapegoat the gays they take their eyes off the prize of reparations and justice. The marriage doctrine in the OT & NT was copied from the Egyptian texts that pre-dated it by thousands of years. The ritual, ceremony and purpose were the same. “All men are created equal” and we can’t come up with creative ways to separate the resources, neither by Sermons, or Trump who has a squirrel on his head or comedy skits that sprout out and perpetuate a racist structure. We need an apocalypse to end separation.
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