Black Short Stories : Karma


Feb 8, 2010
Another short story I've been dying to release...Enjoy!!!


I guess I stepped blindly into this one. The fights, the arguments, the three in the morning phone calls from the other girls. And when I say girls, that’s what I mean. They all barely legal.
Play on the phone like somebody’s bored 13 year old on a Saturday night.
I guess I should’ve been through with his *** when all of this started, or maybe when I had to put the insurance company on speed dial from the numerous times that my car just “happened” to get vandalized when Travion got upset with one of the other chicks. Maybe I should’ve walked away then.
But I didn’t.
In my mind this was all just a phase. An inkling that he had not yet grown into his 23 year old mind frame.
He’d sworn things would be different and that he would change.
And he did!
Instead of coming in at two in the morning , it was now four and instead of the ten groupie a night marathon, he had narrowed the group down to three. The “Three Blind Mice” is what I call them.
There was LaTicia, the baby momma, not his , but hell the way she called him you could’ve sworn so. But don’t worry DNA had proved him to be one of the lucky ones. I made sure that was handled immediately . She stayed on the Northside and carried the bad attitude to represent the section 8 apartments she was raised in. Couldn’t hold a decent conversation with you if you paid her to.
Then there was Yvonne, The “Trick” Misses, the one that bought him diamonds and pearls. Little did she know that a diamond is a “girl’s” best friend. Her parents owned some type of jewelry depot downtown. .Business is always good.
And last but not least there was Kassey, the mixed breed. Black and Italian. The wine and dine diva. She was from New York, via Queens. She just happened to work in the mall in one of my favorite stores.
Wonder how that happened!!
Every chick had their position. I was his ride-or-die chick, the Charli Baltimore in his world. To stay ahead you had to think ahead, and I was always on my toes. I was the top of the line chick. Dressed to the T. Not your average, but the tennis shoe queen is what he called me. Everything I had wouldn’t be seen until 3 or 4 months later where we stayed. I liked it that way. I was one that all his patna’s wish they had , or at least someone like me. That chick to buy the weed, roll the blunt, and blow one in the air wit they man. That’s me, and one of the reasons why I was his main girl and had been since day one.
See, it all started Senior year, Mrs. Davis’s English Class. First period.
Travion was the class clown, a **** fool if I’ve ever seen one. The bell would ring and that would be the start of his one man show. If he wasn’t crackin jokes, he was just being himself.
It would seem that a person with his character would never be interested in his education, but on the contrary, Travion was an above average “B” student. I guess that’s another thing that I found attractive about him. Otherwise, I believe it would have to have been the fact that he was always around with that country laugh and deep voice that was always blaring through the hallway.
This particular morning was just as boring as most. Travion was running his mouth with his homeboy Clyde, and I was being the bookworm that mom trained me to be. We never really paid much attention to one another other than him asking for notes or playing with my hair, but this morning he was a little more talkative. Apparently, my shoes had become the center of attention for him and his boys. They were nothing less than my average attire, but I must say that these AirMax ‘90--Royal Blue and Canary yellow, laced with blue specked yellow shoe strings and the air max tag to match-- could have made anyone jealous.
“Ay, Kam.”
“Yeah,” I replied not looking up from writing my assignment off the board.
“Where you get them shoes from?”
I smacked my lips, “Are you serious right now?”
He laughed that laugh of his, “ yea man!”
“ Glad you like em, but I don‘t know where they came from, my lil potna bought em for me.”
“Patna huh, sound like ya ***** to me,” he mouthed when he turned around to finish our assignment.
“Yea, I don’t do all that, its Senior year,” I said all nonchalant, not looking up from my paper.
He laughed.
“Maybe I can change your mind about that!”
I grabbed all my stuff up off the desk and threw it in my bag.
He handed me my notes back before turning around for the last time before the bell rang.
And just as I noticed what he had done, the bell rung and he was out the door.
His number was scribbled in the top corner of my notes. I could do nothing but smile. I think he had made my day.
.I could hear him just outside the door cracking loudly on somebody he knew in the hallway.
I had called him later that night.
Unhandled business was my obligation.
My actions were the sole reason why this thing started and was still maintained until now.
But it gets lonely at the top when you holding everything down.
Especially on nights like this when the time stares back at you. Three forty five in the AM and the two wooden frames that serve as my front door still haven’t parted. No jingling keys and clumsy footsteps met my ears tonight. No loud phone conversations. Nothing!!
I yearned for him. And though I knew he wasn’t right in the things he does I still wanted him. BAD!!!
Temptation was my worst enemy. And everything about him was tempting. On down to the smoothness of his skin when oiling him down after a shower that we’d shared. He was perfect, well at least if he was all mine.
The light in the bathroom flicked on, he must’ve crept in.
His Dolce & Gabana cologne lingered throughout the room and sent my hormones racing. I thought about that same scent clogging my pores when the night was finished. Such a delightful thought it was.
I guess a ringing phone could only add to the excitement.
I picked up the phone.
“ Hello”
A familiar voice spoke back.
“What you doin?”
I sat up in bed.
“Nothin, getting ready for bed, what’s up?”
A pause.
“Nothin, what happened to you earlier?”
“You know how Travion is, I got caught up.”
A sigh.
“Well can I see you tomorrow?”
“I don’t know, can you?”
“Yes, and I better.”
“Alright , I’ll see what I can do.”
“Don’t keep me waiting.”
“I won’t”
I hung up and placed the phone back in the cradle and laid back on my side.
Fingers strummed the small of my back.
I curled at his touch, “Hey baby, “
He pulled me closer to him.
“ How was your day?”
I caressed his hands.
He kissed the back of my neck.
“And yours?”
I turned to face him.
“Business was slow, but I managed.”
I kissed his lips softly.
“Did you miss me?”
He kissed my forehead.
“You know I did.”
I held my baby close to me.
He reached over with his free hand and grabbed the phone and scrolled the caller ID.
“Kassey just called? What did she want?”
I kissed at his neck and smiled, “ I don’t know, I didn’t answer.”


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
wow this was very good can't wait for the second part !!!


Well-Known Member
Jan 28, 2001
the near north
well written. easy flow...holds your interest...keeps you reading. that's all anyone can ask of a story.

keep writing.
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