Black Poetry : Karma


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Mar 9, 2003

The bum you laugh at, you’ll become him.
He was the Valedictorian in high school, his mind was a gem.
The whore you screw, she will become your world.
She’s gonna be your first born girl.

The homeless man needing 50 cent on a burger to quench is hunger,
He will become you when you’re laid off and your job is no longer.
The nerd with the pocket protector and thick glasses…
Yeah him, He’ll be your boss one-day, serving you checks that keep you poor with the masses.

The crack head that will give head for a hit,
The pain you’re causing his hooked soul will come back on you and you’re going to get ripped.

The foreigner with the turban and olive brown skin,
You shun him because he speaks with a “7-eleven” slurpee twist.
But you help keep his people poor,
With the gas you put in your lawn mower.
What about that twist?

The South African with the dark skin and dreaded tips,
Did you help kill her sister with that phat diamond on your wrist?

Don’t tell me you need more?

Watch what you think and more importantly what you say,
You never know, what you look down upon could be you one day.
And me too I must say.

Just a thought!


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
indeed tyte scribe .............slow down sistah......don't ova flo the page...........lovin what ya doing dis was awesome


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Mar 9, 2003
don't worry RICH..I'm done for the next 6 months...LOL..I don't like postin' my own, just reading others, but someone encouraged me to put a few new ones up. I'm all eyes for now....thanks for the love!!!

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