Black People Politics : Kamala Harris, black folks aren't going to fall for the banana in the tailpipe!


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Sep 12, 2009
Well well well.

4, or so, years ago, I said (in a thread somewhere around here) that Barack Obama will set a precedent (one way or the other), for future "black" presidential candidates. That in time the confetti will all fall to the ground and black folks will see Obama for what he is, politically speaking.

...To the extent that now we see black folk unapologetic and are asking of Kamala, her agenda for black folks. Many, I bet, were Obama defenders, now see the political light. Kamala is attempting to go by the Obama play book, however it seems up to this point, that is not going well for her.

I see maybe a fraction of a fraction of black folk attempting to cape for Kamala. Far far less then there were for Obama. I like to think that we are becoming more politically aware and aren't falling for same kind of talking points and passive-aggressive rhetoric used to buffer Obama and that is a good thing. Much credit I give to the New Black Media (NBM) for speaking to the issues and concerns that old (boule) black media fails to do; so much so that even they/mainstream media are beginning to hint at the things NBM are reporting and exposing.

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Nov 18, 2016
If you notice the only ones who are stead on focus , with the jerk they have are the republicans ! So why in the hell are the Democrats climbing over one another, as if they took an envelope , to split the vote , to get Trump out ?????


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Apr 7, 2013
woke blacks across social media say "hell no" !!!!!!

I liked so much of what Dr. Rick Wallace had to say and especially a point he made that everyone here has "a personal sovereignty." That set with me, each of us is a sovereign individual, as he said, which "allows you to make choices," independent, free choices. Later he said he wants you to "get out of that individualized mind set." That has been what the fight and wars have been all about around the world since the world began -- over freedom for choice. So I want to bring up a topic with that in mind.

The Black vote has always been important but more so now than ever for these times. We are at a cross roads for this country you live in. The 2020 vote could determine whether we remain sovereign as people or government controlled -- rules and laws imposed upon the people by a government that knows better than you the citizen. They will control how much you spend on yourself, education will be controlled by the new Socialist regulated text and persuasion for continued new generation group think for the kids - USSA. You will be given where and what you can buy. Down with "corporations" Johnson and Johnson baby products! Your money will be managed for you.

Now something brand new on the horizon third term abortion. Hitler authorized the same thing. The German people pushed back on that and he stopped it because of the citizens rising up against it. How awful this infant killing is. Pelosi when asked said she thought it is "sad" that anyone could even question it's social value for health reasons. That large late term baby has to go through a birth or have immediate c-section which takes care of presenting the baby faster and then the doctor can "keep the baby comfortable" (I wonder if it gets a binky until it's time for a kill after talking it over with the mommy.)

What has this got to do with the 13-14% Black vote? Well if people refuse to vote, to make a "unified statement," it is likely some bad things come to law. The Black vote has the important power of the swing vote. Forget personalities and take a hard look at what the incoming president is bringing for policy, personal sovereignty or a party of new rules and laws that end personal dollars to become the lock step State money. The State of the Socialist government and their Judges rule. Remember the helicopter sat ready for the baby to take it to a different hospital in I think Italy, and the Socialist Judge said "No. Everybody, parents, helicopter receiving hospital staff and doctors were all ready and the Judge said No. The baby couldn't be taken out of the hospital to go to the other. You know why that happened, because the people were no longer sovereign. Loss of individual freedom to Socialism. That is what is at stake in this country now. Sometimes picking the lessor of the two evils has good to it that saves lives and in the case of capitalism protects individual sovereignty.

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