Black Christians : Just Who Started This Aten Movement in the First Place?

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May 7, 2009
HOTEL RWANDA…Tall Trees & Cockroaches?~ Biblical Translations
Just Who Started This Aten Movement in the First Place?
~ Historical Connections [part XI]
[Tiaa & Amenophis II]-----[Mitemwiya & Thutmosis IV]-----[Amenhotep III/Tiye]-----
[Nefertiti & Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten]--- [Meritaten/[Merytamun & Smenkhkare]-----
[Ankhesenpaaten/Ankhesenamen & King Tut & Regents]--------Tiya/Tey & Ay/Ag--------
[Mutnodjmet & Horemhab]

And when he [Moses] was full forty years old, it came into his heart to
visit his brethren the children of Israel. ACTS 7:23. [Moses was 40 years old]

And Moses was fourscore years old, and Aaron fourscore and three years
old, when they spake unto Pharaoh. EXODUS 7:7.
[Pharaoh Tutankhamen & Regents; Moses was 80 years old][1436 BC]
A comparison and contrast of secular history shows that, as the late Ivan Van Sertima has vividly stressed and brought to light, there has been a lot of deliberate cover up and major deception in regards to what actually happened during the time of the 18th Dynasty and these acts of deceptions are done byway of modern day historians. Major facts about the life and rule of the pharaoh Akhenaten has been severely suppressed. Why? Contradictions within some books are now evident due to our technological age that has caused these scripts to become available to review ourselves. The deceptive actions of these modern day historians become amazingly evident especially too, when a contrast and comparisons are made with the Bible. A better understanding has been established with regards to history now due to a clarity of the origins of ancient governments and the origins of the kind of people that came to the western world to form systems overtop of the indigenous people. Some scholars have said that the pharaoh Akhenaten carried out a campaign against his father Amenhotep III and present a picture that he hated his father, but based upon other obvious evidences, this would not be the total truth. Part truths means deception. But from this perspective though, scholars have also taken it a step farther and have said that the pharaoh Akhenaten’s hatred of his father had something to do with his mother and therefore an unnatural relationship developed between him and his mother, Queen Tiye yet again, only part truths are presented which leaves a lot of room for doubt. But thanks to the Bible and our incredible, wonderful God the Creator, we know that he hated this Egyptian system of the 18th Dynasty and his actions proves that yes, there was something terribly wrong, therefore, it becomes our job to search the scriptures and compare and contrast books to figure out the truth with regards to this system.

What was it about the pharaoh Akhenaten and his court system that has led modern day scholars to think it was necessary to commit foul play and cover up truths? What was it about this ancient Egyptian system that was so evil that our wonderful Creator God decided to move against it? There are obviously some hidden truths that need to come to light. Why would Jehovah tell Abraham hundreds of years earlier that he was going to send his seed into this system and then after about 400 years, he was going to mark it with a judgment? It was not long after the death of Akhenaten that a movement was launched against his presence as a ruler over Egypt. In fact, records prove that this movement was launched by a pharaoh of that very system, the pharaoh Horemheb, who began to strike the name of Akhenaten from the Egyptian records. By the time of the 19th Dynasty, Akhenaten, the very son of the Royal Queen Tiye, was dubbed ‘the enemy of Egypt’. How can he be an enemy of Egypt when he was ‘an Egyptian’--Unless he was a victim of Self Hatred? Or was it that his haters were the original people of the land of Africa and of the Theban priesthood that soon viewed him and certain other Egyptians and foreigners as the enemy? No matter who finally turned against Akhenaten and his Aten Movement, if they allowed him and this system to establish themselves in order to do what they did then, the enemy lies within. Akhenaten’s hatred against the Theban priesthood had been able to creep into that land long before his time and it did so with smiles, beautiful gowns, straight long flowing hair, bowing, and seemingly an admiration for the Black men of the Theban priesthood. Gradually, the smiles turned to hostility and ruthless envy. Finally, Akhenaten manifested and launched an hate movement against the Theban priesthood. He soon closed the Theban temples and directed all of the treasuries to go to his new temple city and he had the power now, to give this priesthood over to his Royal Queen, Nefertiti, who presided over the priesthood of Aten. She became the female aspect of the Aten until she decided to flea.

Akhenaten was said to begin to turn against the Theban priesthood in the fifth (5th) year of his rule and by the sixth (6th) year, they had uprooted and relocated in a central desert area in Egypt. By the ninth (9th) year, Akhenaten was said to began to close down the Theban temples and redirect the treasuries of Egypt to go to the temple of Aten in his new city. But by the 12th year, soon after, trouble began and the death of the second born daughter became one key occurrence that marks this time period. It was after her death that Nefertiti disappeared and Queen Tiye died soon after. It was said that about 20,000 people dwelled in this new city within the three short years it took to build it up of which was done with much effort. But what finally caused the Thebans to rebel? Was it the plague that led them to believe that their gods were angry for their allowance of the Aten religion to set up as some suggest? Was it due to the financial crisis that arose? Was it the sudden disappearance of Nefertiti in Year 12 that alarmed the people of some other significant event? Or was it the death of an important person? It could not have been the Death Plague of the Bible that was immediately followed by the Exodus that very night because Akhenaten’s firstborn was Meritaten and the young King Tut and they were definitely recorded to have lived beyond that time. Also, the evidence of a major plague was well recorded around the time of the death of King Tut’s rule as well. This would be the same results around the time of the death of Akhenaten about seven (7) years later after Nefertiti disappeared from the dream city Akhetaten [Amarna]. Both Meritaten and the young King Tut lived beyond those years to rule. Meritaten became the Royal Queen to the pharaoh Smenkhkare and later the young King Tut was married to another daughter of the pharaoh and the combined years of their lives equaled about twelve (12) years as Manetho confirmed. So what was the motivation for the rebellion? The mystery to this question lies with the presence of another major person during these times of which has been suppressed under much ambiguous rhetoric.

Again, some scholars today say that Akhenaten launched a hate movement against his father, the previous pharaoh Amenhotep III but, a closer research shows the deception. Because Akhenaten changed his name to get rid of the Theban link to their god and relocated to their new city of Akhetaten, it would seem as though he and Queen Tiye did go against Amenhotep III. It would be believable that Akhenaten would have had a closer relationship to his mother that would have been connect to his reasons for his apparent hatred against his father and the Theban priesthood. But this picture has been painted only because of deception. Although scholars offer up the fact that Queen Tiye was well recorded for being apart of the Aten Movement and living in this new city, however, what they have chosen to suppress was the overwhelming presence of Amenhotep III in this new Aten city as well! How many artifacts have been dug up with Amenhotep’s name and images on them in Akhetaten!? Many!!! So how in the world could Akhenaten have this supposed hatred against his father and unnatural love for his mother with the presence of Amenhotep III there in this new city and it be considered truth!? Furthermore, how in the world could this Aten Movement be solely applied to only Akhenaten with the reemergence of this new found evidence of the close relationship that he had with his father Amenhotep III!? What modern day scholars have done then, was to deliberately omit the presence of Amenhotep III and probably even his Royal Queen Mitemwiya who was said by some to have lived for many years and also be present in this new city, and they only revealed and scripted the presence of who they wanted to script to try and rewrite history to their satisfaction.

These modern day scholars and perhaps even ancient scholars of the Hellenistic period extracted the presence of these Asiatic-typed rulers in this dynasty and their initiation of this strange matrilineal religion headed up by Nefertiti of which they played apart in putting it upon the indigenous people of Egypt so that the full blame would only go towards the Akhenaten and Queen Tiye in order to deceive African people then and now. Certainly as the Bible reveals, the king and the priesthood always takes the full responsibility for their allowance of their subjects to be deprived of human rights but in addition to Akhenaten, Amenhotep III also played a part in this Aten Movement and the deprivation of the religious rights of the Thebans to practice their own religion in their own temples and in their own land of inheritance. Therefore and based upon evidence found in Akhetaten [Amarna] it was actually Amenhotep III that started this movement against Thebes but because he fell sick around this time, he knew he had to have an heir and suddenly, Akhenaten was carefully selected. This would technically mean that there was a period of co-regency that occurred between the tow of them and this has been alluded to by scholars in a shady fashion. Amenhotep III was the very one to institute the ‘Az’ Blue War Crown, the Khepresh, and other new innovations that was set up to go against the Theban priesthood and ancient established order in the land. So when Akhenaten launched a hate movement against the Theban priesthood and went about Egypt to strike out and carve out the name and presence of ‘the Theban god Amun’ from the records of which included the temple walls, he also did it in regards to the name of his father Amenhotep III only because it was apart of the process to ban ‘the god Amun’ and ‘the god Amen’, both ancient concepts that the earliest Asiatics detested. This would be the deception of later historians in that they painted a picture that Akhenaten went against Amenhotep III but in essence furthered his agenda.

Not only would Akhenaten have struck out the name of his father but he would have had to strike out his own name as ‘Amenhotep IV’!--as this was his name for years! Amazingly too, not only have modern day historians hid the overwhelming evidence in regards to the part that Amenhotep III played in this Aten Movement but, they also hide the fact that he too had an ‘ATEN NAME’! Now how could his have happened if he were already dead!!! In addition to the many artifacts found attached to Amenhotep III, they found images of him in the Amarna style [Akhetaten style] dress that did not exist until after the movement began! These images don’t define that him nor do they mark him as being dead but alive! The Aten Movement did not start until years after Akhenaten was said to have become pharaoh over Egypt therefore, this would mean that Amenhotep III was indeed alive years into the movement. Amenhotep III only lived to be about forty (40) years old and Akhenaten only lived to be about thirty (30) and this shows too that there had to have been an overlap of rule. Amenhotep III long rule includes a great part of his early life as he was crowned pharaoh around the age of six (6) or twelve (12) was said to have ruled for a long period of about thirty-eight (38) years. Therefore his mother Mitemwiya was the regent for many years and then, Amenhotep III became ill in Year 30 of his reign. In Year 9 of Akhenaten’s reign, it was the time when the temples in Thebes were finally closed and the treasuries were redirected to the temple of Aten and therefore this leads to a major revelation. It would have been the time that Amenhotep III would have died! Did Akhenaten use the occasion of the death of his father to close the Theban temples and re-route ceremonies and temple collected treasuries to the new city in order to downplay his actions? Was there a second temple prepared for Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye other than in Thebes or was Amenhotep III buried in his temple originally carved out for him in Thebes? If this was scripted then this would have been the very action that would have gradually been recognized throughout the Theban population and eventually led to the rebellion.

This overlap of co-regency would also further confirm the presence of the Hebrew Moses in that the court that Moses confronted was that of the young King Tut and regents that dominated over his throne. Again, Amenhotep III only lived to be about forty (40) years old and Akhenaten only lived to be about thirty (30) years old and ruled for about seventeen (17) years. Moses may have been about twenty (20) years old when Amenhotep III was born. If so then, Amenhotep III would have been about twenty (20) years old when Moses would have been forty (40) years old and fled Egypt. Both Moses and Bithia probably would have been acquainted with Mitemwiya, Queen Tiye and some of the daughters of the pharaoh and Queen Tiye and even an older brother of Akhenaten. Amenhotep III became ill in Year 30 of his reign and Moses would have been sixty (60) years old when Amenhotep died about nine or ten years later around the age of forty (40). Moses would have approached the age of seventy (70) years old by the time of the rebellion against the Aten Movement and the death of the pharaoh Akhenaten and again, that would put Moses right on the mark at the time of the rule of the boy King Tut and his regents who dominated over his throne. So the co-regency and overlap of rule between Amenhotep III and Akhenaten for at least about eight (8) or nine (9) years would be a major revelation in many respects. Amenhotep III’s death would mark the very time that the city of Akhetaten was complete for the court uprooted from Thebes around the fifth year of Akhentaten’s rule and it was said to have taken about two or three years to build up this new civilization. So Amenhotep III’s death could very well be the turning point that eventually led to the rebellion?

At any rate, Queen Tiye outlived Amenhotep III yet it was only about three (3) years later in Year 12 of Akhenaten and Nefertiti’s rule and after the city of Aten was completed that trouble began. It was the year that Kiya, a court favorite and secondary wife of Akhenaten, disappeared, it was the year that, Meketaten, the second born daughter of Akhenaten was married to him, it was the year that Meketaten also died after giving birth to a daughter, and it was the year that Nefertiti disappeared followed by the death of Queen Tiye. There was a dark cloud that loomed over the death and funeral of the little child Meketaten of whom obviously died in childbirth as the depictions reveal and probably led to more court intrigue that was not in favor of the king. All six of Nefertiti’s daughters were depicted prior to the death of Meketaten proving that the baby girl in the funeral depiction was connected to Meketaten. Not only that but Nefertiti had also given birth to her sixth (6th) daughter from Akhenaten the year prior again, as the depictions reveal, and so both mother and the second daughter had babies that were only about one year apart! Therefore it becomes apparent that the child Meketaten was suddenly delivered up to her father for marriage upon the immediate revelation that Nefertiti’s sixth birth was still yet another daughter and not a son; an heir. Within nine months, she was dead and yet and still--no son! At this time, the young King Tut had already been born from a sister of Akhenaten a few years earlier and so although the king Akhenaten’s problems were already solved in that he already had an heir, however, Nefertiti’s problems were not solved. Her own daughter was thus sacrificed for her cause and still, no son was born. The birth of a son was the key to the matrilineal system in that the woman in power could rule and dominate over her husband and other mankind through having dominion over her own son. But after the seventh attempt Nefertiti disappeared from her dream city of Akhetaten, the city of the sun, the city of the Sphinx, the horizon of the Aten.

So what role did Queen Tiye play in this competitive quest to provide an heir to the throne over Egypt? After the death of Amenhotep III and after Nefertiti disappeared, of which would have been no small affair, did Queen Tiye become cast as an evil woman? Did Queen Tiye become hated as the head queen over the events that led up to the death of Meketaten? Did she become blamed due to her own daughter and granddaughter having been married to the king in the quest to secure an heir? Kiya also disappeared in Year 12 of Akhenaten’s reign after giving birth to a daughter for the king and she was disgraced. She was struck from the records and the names of Nefertiti’s daughters replaced her name in various locations in the city of Aten. Was she the whistle blower upon the death of Meketaten? How did Akhenaten respond to these horrible events especially since his Royal Queen Nefertiti of whom he had given the right to rule along with him as being supreme, abruptly abandoned him and the throne? Did he develop an inner distrust of women due to the manipulative actions that surrounded his throne and due to the events that led up to the death of his daughter? Did the actions of his mother, his Royal Queen and other women have an affect on his decision to name Smenkhkare as his co-regent? Were the feminine depictions of Akhenaten that suddenly became prevalent after a certain point in the city of Akhetaten correlate to the disappearance of Nefertiti and his assuming both the female and male role of Atenism? Did his relationship with Smenkhkare become another aspect of this change and a method of which to throw off the negativities that surrounded his actions in connection with the death of his daughter and other possibly rumored remarks about him in regards to his other daughters?

Akhenaten’s oldest daughter, Meritaten, was also married to him and became the next Royal Queen after the disappearance of Nefertiti. Meritaten was soon also married to Smenkhkare when he became pharaoh, so was Smenkhkare brought into the court to possibly abate negative rumors that surrounded the king? After Nefertiti fled, did negative rumors shift in the direction of the Royal Queen Tiye? Now that she and her son Akhenaten were left to deal with the sour atmosphere darkened by the death of Meketaten, and the incestuous relationships that may have been rumored to have occurred with the pharaoh and his other daughters during the same time he was still having sex with their mother, Nefertiti, did people of Egypt begin to wonder about the part that Queen Tiye played in this court too? Because Queen Tiye was apparently the senior most person in the Aten system, did she become the target and blame for this matrilineal Aten Movement and was this the kind of pressure that she received that led to her death soon after the death of her granddaughter Meketaten and the disappearance of Nefertiti? Amazingly, it seems that all of the main forces behind this Aten Movement and the support that Akhenaten received, vanished almost immediately and left him by himself to have to pick up the pieces and to try and throw up a defense. He was faced much negativity no doubt all the while he also had to constantly defend the borders of Egypt. Cont.
…I cannot help but wonder at the widespread reporting of false information in the popular mass media. For example, both of the two most publicized queens of KMT are of foreign descent, Nefertiti (daughter of the Persian King Dushratta)3 4 and Cleopatra VII (a descendant of the Ptolemaic line of Macedonia, …(The Royal families of KMT of the 18th dynasty frequently took the daughters of Asian royal families as wives), neither Nefertiti nor Cleopatra (the last Queen) had anything to do with the development of the civilization of KMT.

Totether, Amenhotep and Tiy had six children, but nobody suspected that this happy family was about to give the land a radical upheaval. The eldest son, Thutmose, was appointed high priest of Memphis, and each of the four daughters got appropriate jobs for royal princesses. However, no position was given to the younger son, Amenhotep IV, nor were any statues or paintings done of him while the elder Amenhotep was in charge…. the royal family may have kept him out of the public eye, because they were embarrassed by this prince. Fate said otherwise, though. Prince Thutmose died when he was eleven or twelve years old, …

The monuments of Amenhotep III at Amarna have long perplexed scholars by their ambiguous nature. … his votive sculpture, which appears after his Year 30 rendered in a new artistic style featuring unusual solar iconography.

…The paper concludes with a discussion … where Amenhotep III’s later iconography reflects his identification with the sun’s disk and the creator-god Atum-Re, while Akhenaten’s iconography emphasizes his role as Atum’s firstborn, Shu. It is suggested that the two kings ruled together in the ritual roles of Atum and Shu as an integral part of Amenhotep III’s deification programme, and that the senior king was the original focus of his son’s Aten cult.

…A tidy corpus of material inscribed for Amenhotep III, consisting of diplomatic correspondence, jar sealings, faience and precious jewellery, and sculpture of various types, has been excavated throughout Akhenaten’s city at Amarna from the beginning of work there.1

These inscriptions and representations of Amenhotep III, often accompanied with the later form of the Aten’s name found only after Akhenaten’s Year 9, suggest that he was a presence at Amarna,…

Amenhotep appears to have been crowned while still a child, … diplomatic correspondence from the rulers of Assyria, Mitanni, Babylon, and Hatti which is preserved in the archive of Amarna Letters;...The letters cover the period from Year 30 of Amenhotep III...
edited; graphics; correction, add 'King Tut'.

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