Black People : Just Talking Is No Threat To Injustice

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Osiris Akkebala <> wrote:

Black Afrikan People, Just Talking About Doing Something, Ain't Good Enough For The Change Needed To The Living Of Black Afrikan People And Afrika!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

We Black Afrikans have been without Respect, Freedom, Justice, And Independence Approximately Five Hundred Years and counting in the wake of Chattel Enslavement and I do not see the Black Afrikans doing what is needed to change such a living pattern and that white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being still is maintaining his racist prejudice spirit expressing it against Black Afrikan people.

So, there is no comfort in stating by Black Afrikan people believers who think not for a living, saying such dumb do'do as All Black Afrikans Don't Think alike, Religion is a comforter and a deceiver, hell, that is obvious, look at to see how the way Black Afrikans behave toward each other today and how Black Afrikans choose to fail to protect the presence of the Natural Resources Of Afrika, that kind of living by Black Afrikans, is not to be proud of beloved!!!

Not since the days of yore, when Black Afrikans were in command of their environment, we create by our Divine posture and ways of living, action ways of unity in the way Black Afrikans behaved toward each other and toward our Enemies of Black Afrikans.

Here we Black Afrikans are, in the days of Now, doing just talking about what we desire to be for the Black Afrikans living condition in Afrika but is in the keeping of doing not the things that will have Black Afrikans Thinking and acting together for the Greater Good of Black Afrikan people and Afrika.

So, do not come bragging about the disunity of our action today by Black Afrikan people, such a state of mental condition is the reason for our present living status in this evil racist unjust prejudice world today which is something thinking Black Afrikans are not proud of.

Black Afrikans talk to hear ourselves talk today, we have no intention of putting such revolutionary talking to unified action, so yes, I am justified in asking the question to Black Afrikan people, Why Are We Here?

Here we are, living as we do, under the condition created for us to live by that white racist unjust Prejudice Luciferian Human Being?

Much blood has been shed to cause the millions of death of Black Afrikan people, done so by many great Black Afrikans warriors in pursuit of the life living condition of freedom, justice, and independence which is no longer the desired goal of the today Black living Afrikans, we now choose dependency over independence, confinement over freedom, injustice over justice, the today Black Afrikans has no honor of respect for our Black once Divine living self.

We Black Afrikans adopted the teaching of that white racist Human Being about the status of perfection, we no longer desire to live a perfect way of living, we today believe as that white racist says, there are none perfect, as he is referring to himself, and today, as that white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being believe, so does the Black Afrikan people believe today, so yes, there is no acting together by Black Afrikans today!!!

Such a state of mind has Black Afrikan people to have not freedom as the desired goal today, beloved, we rather talk than to have by our unified action, freedom as being the goal for Black Afrikan people.

When there is a need for Freedom, unity of action is required, and talking without the intent to act, is a useless endeavor, good for you to only be heard and not respected, beloved.

Divine Respect

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