Black Poetry : Just how long does brokenness last?


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
brokenness comes with lack to path
like math-o-matic and mentality
it's been a splash of time
continue to rise in the back of my mind
will never end from this trend
it lay and stay like sin yet peace will come


Well-Known Member
Jan 28, 2001
the near north
broken, my brother
is a state of mind
a sense of failure from a bygone time

we don't break.

what is this piece you crave, or seek
be it a noun, or some form of relief
or, maybe, a moment to share your pain
a listening ear, or fortune and fame
know that the family will be there for you
we stand as one...and our bonds are true

we don't break.

with strength as strong as the strongest metals
the capacity to reach the highest levels
we support the one with all our might
like the $$RICHMAN$$ says, it's time to take flight

soar the vastness beyond the stars
explore the unknown without confining bars
know that tomorrow will always be there
and that your family will always take care

of you.

not broken, my brother
just a little bent.

Lean On Me.
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