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May 11, 2006

Hard to handle the retard panel of wallpaper designed
To create pictures and writing in graet scriptures the devine
Colors has an effect on me doe, like Mona Lisa eating
A pizza at Dominos, dang make me hungry while meeting
A girl in front of the Burger King, ate a cucumber as a great
Number of folks waiting in line at lunch time for a dang take
Out, need energy for basketball hoop biz and a whole group
Of kids arrived can’t take this jive so I skipped the but oops
Here comes a thug “hey dude you skipped me what’s up?’
“Hey I’m in a hurry” you gonna have to wait stop being corrupt
Don’t care if you late” “well great I’ll wait in back” dang this
Is fake and whack my stomach think my throat is cut I’m pissed
Screw this went slammed the door **** people galore, wait
I got it gonna high jack a Big Mac I scratched my dewrag hate
To dothis next one through the gonna snatch his or her bag wow
Here comes a lady got it she yelled “RHYME” it was my mother holy cow
I got grounded for a month so fellaz don’t snatch greasy bags don’t know
Who that is learned my lessen the hard way embarrassed me some aweful
Fellas don’t do it plus it’s unlawful best to wait in line

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