Black Short Stories : Job=Tree of Life+Two Pyramids (fore myself)


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
If i have nothing to lose then i have everything to gain. If i have war to lose then i have peace to gain....

Walking through my times of trials and tribulations i watch the stars the heaven looking fore signs. After meditation, all my bodies of existence as one saw four facets mended together as four points. Three points were the base as invincibility, indivisibility, and invisibility. The fourth is the highest point which is immortality. The four facets were god-mutha-father, mutha-father-child(ren), wisdom-knowledge-comprehension, the bottom facet were food-water-shelter. Three stood upright while the fourth laid as foundation. I also saw Ephesian + Isaiah + Ruth + Exodus = Revelation as a basic formula correlating to five facets with five points of axioms invincibility, indivisibility, invisibility, infinity with immortality being the highest point; infinity is discovered when looking down from the skies or looking above from below as two hourglasses perpendicular and when it is envisioned as wheel with immortality centered in motion life goes on forward being careful not to do the opposite going in reverse to include time rotates shift plus time is given on earth with grains of sand coming down from the heavens leaving one with an idea of how much time you have left as time do not exist in heaven though all is reason although once time is half-full with every sand grain to the top of the hourglass on earth your leased is expected time to go back home but many get opportunities to live life on earth in heaven when the hourglass flips depending on how much time you have before returning back to earth which is the lower half of your consciousness like the tree's roots some are poisonous and others are superior to your well-being as an aspirant when grown in the proper soils the higher self or consciousness the tree above ground may sprout to be a beautiful harvest of fruit to be healed with. Infinity also stood out to me to be the king cobra and queen cobra or two fish which are the schoolteachers adjoin at the tails.

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