African American History Culture : Jerry Butler Profile of a Mississippi Artist


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Jun 8, 2004
MississippiRed said:
Aight folk let's change gears henh fo a tick......thought I'd put up the profile of an Artist from Mississippi whose work I really really like....not sure if yall heard of him or not but he's fire....we don't hear a lot about Black Artists so let's jump this off check out my man Jerry Butler


Hey, Red, this brother is BAD, man!(smile!)

When I opened up this thread I'm thinkin', "oh, he's talkin' bout Jerry Butler of the Impressions, and Only The Strong Survive fame!" Whaaaaa? Then there are TWO Jerry Butler's from Mississippi, huh - and both un 'em some bad catx... Wow, the man is a superb artist whom I've never heard about... Glad you brought him to our attention... It's ironic, because I was thinking about bringing some Jacob Lawrence and Romare Bearden articles up in here, and I didn't know how that would go over... Now, I don't feel so unsure... Thanx for this beautiful artilce on the is beautfiul African American artist, brother...

BTW, the other Jerry Butler was born down in Sunflower County, and so was Sam Cooke(smile!)



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Aug 11, 2004
Glad you enjoyed it bruh....old boy is truly talented.....I love his you betta come on and put them artists up .....don't matter how the majority accepts it this is stuff that we need to pump....our artists doing pics of us know what I'm talkin bout.......there's another cat down there that's a master carver I'll have to find his info and put it up for you to check......



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Feb 28, 2009


Jacob Lawrence, one of the most important artists of the 20th century, was born in 1917 and is best known for his series of narrative paintings depicting important moments in African American history. Lawrence was introduced to art when in his early teens, Lawrence's mother enrolled him in Utopia Children's Center, which provided an after-school art program in Harlem.

By the mid-1930s, he was regularly participating in art programs at the Harlem Art Workshop and the Harlem Community Art Center where he was exposed to leading African American artists of the time, including Augusta Savage and Charles Alton, the director of the Harlem Art Workshop and, later, professor of art at Howard University. At the community art centers, Lawrence studied African art, Aaron Douglas's paintings and African American history. With the help and encouragement of Augusta Savage, Lawrence secured a scholarship to the American Artists School and later gained employment with the WPA, working as a painter in the easel division. Lawrence began painting in series format in the late 1930s, completing 41 paintings on the life of Toussaint L'Ouverture, the revolutionary who established the Haitian Republic. Other series followed on the lives of the abolitionists Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, and John Brown.

The Migration of the Negro, one of his best known series, was completed in 1941. The most widely acclaimed African American artist of this century, Lawrence continued to paint until his death in 2000.

Related Artists:
Norman Lewis

Migration of the Negro # 3 (1941)

The Migration of the Negro #17 (1941)

The Migration of the Negro # 58 (1941)

Jacob Lawrence on PBS & NPR


All Things Considered: Jacob Lawrence Obituary

Morning Edition: Profile of Jacob Lawrence


Online NewsHour: Remembering Jacob Lawrence

Goin' to Chicago: The Art and Life of Jacob Lawrence



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Feb 28, 2009
The first in-depth catalog of work by one of the South's finest African American wood carvers

In the early 1950s, Ulysses Davis (1914-1990) opened a barbershop he built behind his home in Savannah, Georgia. A whittler since boyhood, he soon began carving figures from wood in his spare time. He decorated the outside of his barbershop and filled the inside with his reliefs and freestanding carvings. During his lifetime, Davis created more than three hundred works, producing a varied but unified body of wood sculpture that reflects his faith, humor, and dignity.
Davis's sculptures range in height from six to more than forty inches, and can be divided into several major categories: religious images, patriotism, works influenced by African forms, abstract decorative objects, and portraits of African and American leaders. The latter includes what many regard as Davis's masterwork--a series of forty carved busts of all the U.S. presidents through George H. W. Bush. Because the artist rarely sold his sculptures, his carvings have had limited exposure outside of Georgia. Davis wanted his work to stay together after he died, and most of his sculpture is now held by the King-Tisdell Cottage Foundation in Savannah.
The Treasure of Ulysses Davis accompanies an exhibition organized by the High Museum of Art, Atlanta. The definitive introduction to Davis's work, the book features full-color reproductions of 120 sculptures.

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