Black Poetry : Its a dumb start but it from the heart and bona fide now I'm gonna ride home with this boy a kiss he can enjoy so lets get under way gonna be wet thun


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May 11, 2006
Its a dumb start
but it from the heart
and bona fide
now I'm gonna ride
home with this boy
a kiss he can enjoy
so lets get under way
gonna be wet thunder today
in my panties ready in May
to start a blaze
this boy want part of my glazed
do-nut can blow up and be amazed
in the backseat to a whack beat
can commit terror
after a legit error
the gravel is bumpy
and so we travel funky
on the way to his crib
may eat some barbecue ribs
she have pie no doubt
and this boy wanna try it out
her wet potions
are set in motion
by a kiss an ocean
of wetness arrive
they in the car alone
not far from home
so witty and graphic
need help with the city traffic
boys spend hours for cake in a hummer
but really need flowers for late summer
she steps with loads
of episodes
in her life
this date begin nice
the grass is green
they in a fast machine
like to roll on dubs
and stroll to
his plot superior
car has a hot interior
can't duck it the heat
in his car has bucket seats
leather on the dash
his endeavor is to smash
she's wearing a blue mini-skirt
he's ready for pies
she got brown sweaty thighs
oh her panties are so wet
I guess she's in debt
to him far as sex
the car is complex
with an eight track
he turns it up
let the speakers blast
outside are seekers of cash
got the hands out
but his plans about
getting a girlfriend
letting a whirlwind
change his life
its strange but nice
he has pride by the load
now on the side of the road
this is mad whack
like a Cadillac
with four flat tires
her thighs gap
she has pies for rap
and the lies jest trapped
her, couldn't escape
the door lock flames perk
really sex in the framework
this is Black Hip Hop in VIRGINIA
BEACH got more moves than a Ninja
this could be dumb luck
can't give a thumbs up
right now, words some struck
my eardrum
I try to not hear none
but apparently some got through
because her panties are over due
to be ripped off


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May 11, 2006
to be ripped off, “LOOK BOO
aw girl you got some brown
sweaty thighs I got to hound
bark even in the park it astound
me, girl I wanna be huffing and puffing
while knocking out the stuffing
in your panties you got a muffin
oh he jest kissed her lips in the car
like Foxxy Brown she have some nar nar
“aw girl you should give him some
“NAW PLAYER it took her by surprise
to know he was hooked on her pies
he said out of the blue
“no doubt you my boo
then confirm luck
and turn up
for sex, then he jest kissed her lips
reminisce and grips
her waist
then gets her tongue
panties so wet yum yum
she was jest moving her thing
he was jest grooving wearing bling
she from the south no joking
around oh a brown Soul Sista
go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH
he keep his keys in his inside pocket
this girl has a lot of pride and chocolate
now gets her tongue again love rockets
she was jest moving her thing around
“aw girl I don't wanna cum” so astound
she say he went crazy on it he splash
the dash, broke the rear speakers fast
he jest threw her panties up in the air
and some bird grab them and pecked
the juice out of them oh have to check
them later oh she started saying stuff
oh phat lace
and at that place
a boy up to bat and chase
a base ball then embrace
a girl's waist
oh boys correct all details
and check all females
for a date, oh a boy
with a hot rocket
is like the stock market
it rise and fall
and surprise all
the girls, oh her lips
red as she utter
but like bread and butter
its margarine
and in the car scream
while having sex
oh involved in class
with a job and task
got sweaty some
looking for a steady income
oh in a car surrender
and have sex with a bartender

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