Chief Elder Osiris : It Is Now Time For The Black Afrikan To reclaim Afrika

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Jan 3, 2002
It Is Now Time For The Black Afrikan To Reclaim Afrika

By Chief Elder Osiris

There Is Much More Where This Come From.

Keep Sharing The Divine Truth and Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

Beloved, it is not enough to be able to recite your Story or history about you being upon this planet, you must become again your story.

so, in order for you to do that, you must reclaim your Divine spirituality and the only way you will be able to do that, is for you to reclaim your Divine mind

It is now Time for a world wide Black Afrikan pilgrimage back to the center Of Afrika Black civilization, which is located in Egypt Afrika.

There must be a Black Exodus back to Egypt Afrika, for purpose to reconfirm that the place call Egypt belong to the Black Afrikan people, and that Black people must come to realize, that now is the Time to March Around The Great Pyramid of Giza, en-mass, and perform the spiritual invocation that will summon the gods our Ancient Cosmic First Way Ancestors.

Today, now is the time for the Divine Black Afrikan being, to become Mental Spiritual Enlighten.

Have I not indicated to you that what I have shared with you, that there is much more to come?

What Is To Come To You, that which I share with you, will be far more revealing to you and about the Divinity of the Black Cosmic Divine universal Being, than a profane mind can imagine, you who are now referred to as Black Afrikan Human Beings, and is without a voice that receive respect in the world today?

I have served as a mirror to you, revealing the image you now reflect to the world, and how deplorable a reflection we now project to the world, which is why we get no honor nor respect from the world, because we show no respect for ourselves.

Well beloved, the Time has come for you to serve as the key that will unlock the mystery of the Great pyramid, but not without there being a massive converging of Black Afrikan people in the land where Civilization became the evidence of the power and mystery of the Universal Divine Beings descending, coming from a distance part of the Galaxy to this solar system, and did in fact arrived to this Planet Earth.

Afrika Egypt, it is the place that is not now referred to as only Egypt, the location on Earth that serve as the place where Divine Social Universal Democracy was first introduced in the way of Divine living, a way of living that was introduced by our Ancient Divine cosmic Black Universal First Way Ancestors.

You Black people can not successfully look at what I share with you, and then choose to believe or not believe what I share with you, and then expect that you will be able to understand that which I am sharing.

Beloved, you must be able to see with the ability to know and understand that which I am sharing with you about you, which is not profane, but is Divine, and you will need your Divine Mind to See You As You Once Were, and now you have the opportunity to become as you originally were, when we first arrived to this planet call Earth today.

But there is a task we are required to perform, before being able to see yourselves as you were, before you were made to become as you are now.

Have you not wondered why is it that everything that goes on in the world today, lacks the presence of the Black Afrikan people as a Nation participation in a position of power and authority?

The Black Afrikan is intentionally ignored in the world arena of life today, even when the concentration is set in the Land of our coming, Afrika Egypt, why?

Well, it is because Lucifer know the power of your presence when you are functioning in your Divine mind, so the world objective is to continue to have you Black people to believe the lowest about yourselves, believing that there has never been anything of great value to have ever come from the Mind of Black people.

The sad and pitiful thing about that propaganda, is that Black people believe such a claim about us, which have us to now be immune to having a desire to be free.

Which is why I am sharing with you what has been revealed to me about us Divine Cosmic Universal Beings, now acting just as Lucifer has conditioned us to believe we are, Human Beings.

The Great Pyramid serve as the lock to many mysteries concerning the Universe and Black people, Cosmic and Divine that you are.

You Black people serve as the Key that is qualified to unlock the the mysteries that surround that Great Instrument of a structure that is set to gaze up into the Universe.

So, Now the time has come for Black people to begin the pilgrimage to the sacred center of our learning, and by your presence, you will be able to behold the the Universality of the Divine Black Being presence, and you will come to know your connection to the Universe, and your Divine spirituality, which is your power, which will return to be manifest in you, and all who have disrespected you will be affected by your Divine presence in the Land, collectively being of our Comic Divine First Way Ancestors, as their return will be present, because of your Divine massive gathering at the base of revealed manifest enlightenment, the Great pyramid, because the time is now.

Stop denying who you are and accept our Divine Spirituality, by reclaiming your Divine mind, that which will let you know why I now point you back to the center of our Civilized action upon this planet Earth.

Beloved, do not allow the doubters among you, distract you at this most important Time in the universe.

Let The wise among You know and understand what has just been shared with you.

It Is now time for the Original people of Afrika, to reclaim Afrika Egypt, and all of Our Ancestors Evidence of Their civilization In Afrika, belong to you, Black woman and man .

Be Kind to Your self, Beloved.

Chief Elder

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