Black Poetry : It became a twist of fate when you kissed my cake right here // in VIRGINIA BEACH this BLACK HIPHOP


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May 11, 2006
It became a twist of fate when you kissed my cake right here //
in VIRGINIA BEACH this BLACK HIPHOP is like a scheme that's sincere //
like a regime it clear the air for takeover my cake on the sofa //
being licked by a boy who try toy with my emotions even a gopher //
knows better this boy's flows was clever to get me here doe so //
I have to respect that, I'm a REDBONE so I spread on the red lipstick //
don't have much money but you search for a honey love talk script sick //
I went to a few parties and a crew of bodies was there boys pour me //
drinks, soar in pink mini-skirt put plenty dirt on boy's mind more to see //
had a good time boys came with hood rhymes that jest messed up my //
head oh couldn't see straight my thing be pudding and cake maybe I //
shouldn't take this serious, need help and information can't accept this //
situation my thighs soft sweaty and yellow and boys look at that wanna kiss //
one boy tried and missed, he wants to jump on top and stroke a lot but //
I hope not from his standpoint that will be a dope spot, cope with plot, luck //
helps, even mingle with pimps not a single attempt made to escape yet //
my quotes flow and most folk know it's loco this is a mandatory rhyme //
with a story-line have to dodge males on a large scale in the garage //
prevail alone, this is a deft flow and like a UFO it's flying camouflage //
I never dream boys has such clever scheme, now this boy walks up //
“SAY LOOK BOO the stuff I dispatch is hot have th hatch a plot by luck //
just to rap this then I trap with a kiss and really a map can twist my
wrist like a ROLEX Watch, your dress down booty bless and round
boo you shook and wet and like a booklet boys wanna turn your page //
and you be concerned and amazed you learn about how boys crave //
dress down, breasts renown booty bless and round, impress and behaved //
some haters know who I am but gonna need a theater program to show //
all them, in the world you soar, girl you score in the end zone oh no //
your skin tone got me hooked like a fish, thighs so sweaty and yellow //
so hello how about a date?” “NAW PLAYER my thing stay soft but I jest //
play it off like nothing gonna happen boys wanna be rapping and suggest //
I give them some wow I play dumb like huh? I be above the rim and love //
films that show affection, loaded corruption with coded instructions a hug //
added oh I'm brainwashed and my thing is wet in VIRGINIA BEACH a scrub //
has no speech wanna rub and reach for the panties fingers get spanked for //
real, in late summer they want cake in a Hummer boys take cell numbers HA! //
HA! my pie hot and I try not get stuck in trucks boys will tear it up that's na na //
like FOXXY BROWN use to rap about, I think you wanna take my renown hand //
like ground plan imagined seen from above I be that queen of love in demand //
think you want a sloppy kiss to put on a floppy disk then write a manuscript //
at night plan to strip, got cake and flirting make certain I can flip //
my pancakes like IHOP and try drop them on your plate oh whoa //
my panties wet but I won't be there, see where you coming from doe //
got fine phat breasts and that put my mind at rest boys find less to talk //
about oh a YELLOW SOUL SISTA go through a lot here in VIRGINIA BEACH walk //
away my thing hot and greasy but not easy to persuade boys to do the right //
thing like SPIKE LEE boys beg I say nope they want my yellow egg yoke awight //
I remember one boy buys me a rose and my yellow thighs was close that's all //
it took to get me hook now wet and shook but stuck up like them trees could fall //
in love a tall thug can do that to a girl got true stats to hurl around plus strut //
with butt know how us REDBONES do, he thought whack but caught in the act //
and this bought back old memories but anyway got plenty to say my body attract //
boys they not aware how hot I am down there wet butter they get to clutter my //
ears with love stuff, wear perfume in America and assume the character of a fly //
chick boys want pie quick and try stick tongue down my throat that boat don't float //
he want cake from rapping and out to make it happen I take this as trapping, “nope” //
oh gosh this boy cry and beg for the pie between my legs in hopes I spread them //
the yellow lips on my thing a very stout beauty, boys carry out their duty in Tims //
Think you strive to achieve and arrive at these conclusion

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