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Mar 3, 2005
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Since I was invited to "have this fight" (interesting choice in wording), I thought this might be the section to do it in.

Brother SAMURAI36 ... i'm not sure what's going on in this thread ...
I'm not sure why you're not sure of what is going on. It's been explicitly outlined in the thread.

but if you can't tolerate something that allows ... then you don't need to be here.
Clearly I continue to look for a place where Black people are not hounded by white people, and the site administrators do not take up defense of those white people over their own Black people.

Go to the place that delivers the kind of environment you seek.
Unfortunately, were there such a place, I would indeed be there.

You can't call folk names, tell 'em to get the F out, be all defiant to the rules and policies here ... and stay.
I'm not sure what "be all defiant to the rules means. I'd like you to outline SPECIFICALLY where I have done that.

AND, I'd like you to QUOTE me in that thread, where I called ANYONE (RE: A specific member) a name.

You're banned from this thread for violating rules, but if you want to have this fight with me ... start a new thread and we can go there.
As I stated, interesting choice of wording.. So what's where this is now, a "fight"? Not "if you would like to discuss this matter further...." But just, "a fight".
Not open for further replies.