Black Spirituality Religion : Isn't Church In Association With Religion, Professional Businesses?


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May 26, 2019
I hear a many preachers, pastors, etc., say this all the time, etc. :script: "That God told me..." etc. Or they will used, "God told me to tell you..." but in all truths God really talks to nobody, not one human being has :what:talked or looked upon this God's face, etc. Btw... is Religion a profession, etc.? Just as all other professions, there are needed professionals to legitimize these religions and or operate them, etc. Then Religion can also be viewed as a business, etc. after all religions do and can earned a preacher, etc. huge sums of money, etc. Yet in this nation, Churches, etc., are deemed as none-profits, etc. And all these various religions have hundreds of million followers, etc. That's alot of money! but back to the initial thread scope, etc. Everything religious is looked on in the spiritual,:ghost: and all things in religion usually takes place after one's death, etc. Besides attending Church in da flesh, all other things associated with the religious spiritual are after one's death to experience, etc. WHETHER one accepts this fact or not, "all Religions are :research: hum-man created, etc." it's just the spirtual aspect, that remains to be seen, debated, or found to be true, etc.

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