Black Muslims : Islaam in 3D


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Mar 30, 2016
The Gratitude is for Allaah The Sustainer of the universe and peace on who follows The Guidance.
Al Islaamul' Haqq..wa'l kufru Baatil..
Allaahu Ta'aalaa has FIXED The Reality for Success for The one living in submission to The Will (Qur'aan) of Allaah.
Dajjal, Death and the Day of judgement. 3D
The entire world and every soul on it is faced with 3D: Their own death, the trial of Dajjal and The Day of Judgement. Muslim or Kaafir. All face these matters. All. If one's 'reality of the world and one's place/location in it does not include these matters then that one's vision is narrow which makes for hasty decisions and consequences which are delivered in regret and shame and embarrassment. Embarrassment. Embarrassment, regret and shame are powerful emotions that often diverge one from Salaat and The Remembrance of Allaah. Your memory and what's in it will be looked at in Death.
The trial of Dajjal is the reality which EXCLUDES The Guidance of Islaam but invites you and offers to you the guidance of/by anything else. Anything.
The root meaning of the word " Islaam " is ladder. As a verb " Islaam" means peace; but as a noun it means ladder. Both meanings are completely applicable and inferred. The birth of Islaam began with The grandson of The Prophet Ibrahiym/Abraham (SAW). we see it in the phrase " Jacob's (SAW) Ladder " in The Bible. In HIS language it would not be " Jacob's Ladder ". The phrase would be said, " Yaaquwbil Islaam ". That is what Allaah sent down. A "Ladder": a means of escape, refuge and vantage point From Allaah. The Prophethood of Rasuwlullaahi Muhammad (SAW) is the completion of the ladder. The ladder is now resting against the cliff leading to Jannah. The ladder is in/on earth and the muslim is instructed to climb it up out of the filth of this world, its filthy concepts and filthy actions and behaviors and filthy resolve to continue living in perpetual filth/neglect. Allaah has placed His Refuge and Safety IN Water (WuDu) and Light (Salaat). The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is recorded to have said: " The key to the paradise is Salaat and the key to Salaat is WuDu and Salaat IS LIGHT ".
Water and Light is the territory of The Kingdom of Allaah on this earth. And Allaah has Let for all to use HIS treasures. But for those who wish to enter the kingdom of Allaah on earth they must do so through WuDu… That act of washing that belongs solely to the worship of Allaah. We must Read Qur'aan into our memory and learn to think through it and with it so that the reality is clear and our steps are firm. Remain in WuDu. use WuDu. Remind yourself that YOU are IN the refuge of Allaah when in WuDu. WuDu has been tremendously blessed. imagine 'remaining' living in a perpetual state of WuDu. A state that makes Angels approach...a state that causes your earth voice to get air Time in another place...without shouting. Speaking through the heart (Sincerity/ikhlas), speaking as though you know full well that Allaah is Worthy of this small act (WuDu) which Allaah has charged with great blessing and "shifaa'a" (healing/recovery). WuDu is surgery: the removal of what has harmed and the recovery of what heels. It is the dislocation of ones' heart from the world and its matters and yourself from its is an invitation, encouragement and a reminder of Allaah's kingdom. let us take refuge in the kingdom of Allaah.
Dead or Alive all will be summoned to The Day of Judgement. All alive and all who has ever breathed. This existence will be made clear. May Allaah station us as Observers, rather than participants on "That Day".
The Muslim is in 3D. His/Her mind is clear and operational in their hold on the ladder. Allaah is so merciful that Allaah has also let dangle a Rope ( Holy Qur'aan 3:3) as well as HIS Ladder. The Rope? His Own Words. The Ladder? Your Salaat/Dhikr. The rope and ladder are both hidden and invisible. They are both in a place where they cannot be compromised or corrupted. YOUR MEMORY AND WILL. They are the HANDS of The soul. The Words of Allaah are in The Recitation. THAT is Al Qur'aan. The Words of Allaah entering and exiting the heart/memory/thinking IS Qur'aan. Also invisible and hidden. The Qur'aan is IN the Kitaab in the form of huruwf/letters and what you see written on the page. The ink and paper is The Kitaab. The recitation of The Words are Al Qur'aan. This is why Qur'aan is so magnificent. Inside of you is where it magnifies, in your memory/thinking.That is The Place The Words of Allaah fill the senses (from within! - the world (shaytaan) feeds the senses from things in the world from things outside of you. Whereas Allaah feeds the senses from within HIS words which go in to you and fill you from inside you and spreads what is in you to all parts of you in you.) with light from HIS recitation of HIS knowledge and HIS Narration of HIS Resume of actions and deeds and Intent for His Creatures. Al - Qur - aan :The Two Reading. Allaah Witnesses All things. What say you of HIS own words? Witnessing all the evil we know and don't how special is a servant upon the earth reciting HIS words instead of someone else's...or lies or profanity or obscenities? How special are The Words and The servant when they are both in the same place at the same time? The Salaat is both an Act and an Office of worship. We Glorify, Praise and take counsel in the salaat with Ikhlas/Sincerity.
May Allaah make The siraatul Mustaqiym unavoidably wide for us and root us deeply on it.
The Prophet Muhammad looked to a companion he was walking with and after a few steps ordered the companion: Renew your Faith! The companion said, O Messenger of Allaah how do I renew my Faith? The Prophet Muhammad replied: Say Laa Ilaaha Illa Allaahu! This is how you renew your Faith!
Consider all of the many beautiful Du'a and Phrases that are filled with blessings just for the saying of them! Look at the ROPE.. the tongue. Look how Allaah has made the very tongue an instrument of approach! Your hands and feet aside...look at what the tongue can achieve before you even move your feet or reach with your hands.. Understand The reason for saying a "dhikr" more than once... it is to learn the soul (learn: to train in a 'life changing' behavior. To learn a thing to live it - this is the original definition of the word/verb 'learn').
You repeat it more than once not only to train in pronunciation - an act of worship itself - but more than once with sincerity 'settles' the soul in the cement of Intent.... so that we learn to have nothing but Allaah 'in mind' when we think and feel and speak; which allows us to see the world for what it is and avoid pitfalls, traps, negligence and stupidity. These excuses will be flying far and wide on The Day of Judgement: Allaahumma ! Inny a-uthubika biasmaaa ika wa Kalimaaa tikat- Tamma! Allaah All of Your Attributes! surely I seek refuge by way of You by way of Your Perfect Names and Your Words. May we be in The Shade on the Day there will not be a tree or a mountain to cast a shadow. May we be in The Shade on the Day there will not be a tree or a mountain to cast a shadow. May we be in The Shade on the Day there will not be a tree or a mountain to cast a shadow. On That Day, The Kitaab Says there will not even be a sky!
Laa Quwwata illaa billaahi!
As Salaamu alaykum wa Rahmaatullaahi Ta'Aalaa wa Barakaatuhu Yaa Muslimiyn wa Muslimaati!!

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