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Jul 26, 2001

By Andre Austin

“Egypt is a beautiful Heifer”- Jeremiah 46:20

After Isis was beheaded she was given the helmet of a Cow. Isis like some other female godesss is often depicted as a cow-headed woman with the headdress with a pair of horns enclosing a solar disk with cow ears. The cow symbolizes nourishment and motherhood. On Isis lap was the sucking child horus (Jesus) from which the Catholic statutes of Mary and baby immitate but unable to duplicate. The key to understanding this helps to unlock insight into future biblicial pasage I will cite parraell to Egyptian mythology. Both Horus and Osiris have two birthdays one in the summer soltice and the other in the winter soltices (Christmas). The Christians attempt to focus on the latter to to fog and smoke up a comparison.

A Roman historian by the name of Plutarch wrote an essay, Isis & Osiris after consulting with Egyptian priets who went back thousands of years into their records. Plutarch states:

"The Apis bull/calf (Serapis), they say is the animate image of Osiris, and comes into being when a fructifying light thrusts (leap) forth from the moon and falls upon a cow (Isis who's given the cow's helmet) in her spring"p.105. Osiris sprung (leap) from the sun from up under the water and his other birth is in December like Horus being related to cow's also p.127 Plutarch also reports:

"In the sacred hyms of Osiris...they celebrate the birthday of the eyes (Sun/Moon) of the time of the winter solstice they lead the Cow seven times around the Temple...and this circumambulation is called the seeking for Osiris"...Every day they make a triple offering of incense to the Sun". We may have confimation of this burning incense of the Egyptians by or to the Queen of heaven (Isis) in Jeremiah chapter 44 I will dicuss in my notes.

The Bible either focus on the summer soltice or winter soltice for the birth of Jesus or a little bit of Both. we first focus on the Book of Malachi 4 then move into the new Testament. "The sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings. And you will go out and leap like calves released from the stall". Jesus' birth is reported to be in a Manger (Luke 2:12). Webster's dictionary reports A manger as a box or trough to hold hay for horses or cattle/ calves to eat. It appears also that the book of Malachi 4 talking about leaping calves is applied to John the Baptist:

"When Elizabeth heard Mary's greating, the baby (John) leaped in her womb" (Luke 1:41)

"As soon as the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the baby in my womb leaped for joy" (Luke 1:44)

The Husband of Elizabeth (Nephthys) Zacharias (Set-Osiris) has interesting lines that can match with Malachi 4 when it states:

"He has raised up a horn of salvation for us" (Luke 1:69)

"The rising sun will come to us from heaven" (Luke 1:78)

The image of Set was given to a Donkey in Egypt. The image of Osiris was given to the Apis bull or calf. Osiris and Set are interchangable to the father of Anubis because Osiris went to bed with Isis sister Nephthys who was barren thinking she was Isis. However Isis plays the role of mother to Anubis. This story is retold by Josephus in The Antiquities of the Jews Book 18 with instructions not the value the business of names. He has a Decius Mundus pretending to be Anubis so he can have sex with Paulina and Fulvia who are both married to Saturninus (a pun on a Christmas festival called Saturnalia where masters and slaves exchange roles, gifts and sex with eachother).

We know that 99% of Mules are strile so if one gives birth it would clearly be a miracle or that of a castracted St. paul (Paulina) having kids too. Paul means "Tiny" and was a joke upon his castraction and the kicking of his ***** off. We must consult with Albert Bell's article Josephus the Satirist and Clyde Pharr essay The Testimony of Josephus to Christianity to see unfavorable account of Jesus was ousted dealing with uncomplimentary reference to the story of the virgin birth which had nothing to do with Isaiah 7:14 but indirectly with the cut off penis of Osiris and the Cow goddess Isis.

Albert Bell stated:

"Paulina/Mundus story deals with a woman tricked into having sexual relations with a man posing as a god, Pharr concluded that Josephus had originally made some derogatory reference to Jesus alleged virgin birth which called this tale to mind and led him to insert it in order to ridicule the Christian claim". By the time the Koran was written it had to reject claims that a God would beget and have bloodlines with a "Son". they went on to say that God had a plan but it just not was equipped with his sperm. Pimps of this day equate their harem of prostitutes as in their stable. Well, I say that somebody was hitting the hay and horsing around. Was it a Donkey's joke or can we blame it on that heifer Isis? Well I'm going to take my big black Cow and get out of here.


  1. According to D.M. Murdock book Christ in Egypt "The original Greek of the chronicon Paschale first discusses Jeremiah and then the motif of the virgin mother and divine babe in a seems that the author was attempting to explain why the Egyptians worshipped a virgin -mother and her babe in a manger centuries before the Christian era" p.139
  2. Depending on the condition of a Cow was symbolic for famime or nourishment see Genesis 41
  3. Josephus reports in The Antiquities of the Jews Book 4 chapter 4 a red Cow was sacarificed after miriam died with a hyssop being used in the ceremony.

  1. Albert Bell in his Josephus the Satrist states:
Hegesippus then introduces the element of pregnancy, which is altogether lacking in josephus: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. To the Christian audience for whom he was writing this must surely have suggested the Annunciation in Luke I. The words to describe Paulina’s reaction (Illa deum credidit, beatam se adserit), when compared to certain phrases in Luke Gospel, heighten this impression. Elizabeth, for example, says to Mary, beata, quae credidish (Luke 1:44), and in the Magnificat Mary sings: ex hoc beatam me dicent omnes generations (1:48) there is additional similarity to Mary going to Elizabeth immediately after the visitation, just as we saw that Paulina had done”

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