Black People : Is Your Class (Background) Or Your Race The Basis of Your Identity?

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May 6, 2013
That depends on a persons focus, and on their experiences growing up. If a person has experienced racism in their youth, balanced with an education that fosters a knowedge of self, they will have a healthy view and pride of race. If they have been hated due to their class, by those within the race, then they will have a focus towards socialism rather then capitalism and a classless society. As a child I was hated by family, in the rough side of town and despised by family who lived on the hill, and sometimes class hate can be worse then racial hate! Having an educational and media and urban environment fostered by a knowledge of self, I never returned the hate with hate, but grew to have a comitment to some betterment of our people as Black, even Asian and Australian Blacks, and an end to class; and unity in the entire community!

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