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Jun 10, 2008
I hate when a conspiracy theory turns out to be a conspiracy especially given these circumstances. I saw two videos today where people were trying to melt snow especially given the fact that the mid-west and down south are experiencing extreme snow storms.

Watch this video and you will get an idea of what I'm talking about.

Extreme dangerous - the process of genocide has began and our people are not even aware of it. If you have kids outside playing in the so-called snow - bring them in because kids like to eat snow. If they have already eaten snow and you do the same test and find that its not snow - rush them to the hospital asap.

What's just as interesting is that California is now about to experience rain after a long drought. I believe ran is much needed given how much of Americas vegetation we supply. The only problem is - we've forgotten about Fukushima and how much toxic radiation is within the Pacific ocean which is where our rain clouds come from. It has been estimated that highly toxic levels of radiation has already his the west coast shores (California, Oregon and Washington). What does rain mean to the west coast which by the way travel throughout the rest of America. It means that it will rain and the rain will be radiated with extremely high levels of radiation which will go into our drinking water, vegetation and cattle. Basically what that means is that our DNA will mutate in order to survive or cancer and possibly death is inevitable. We are already consuming to much radiation from TV's, cell phones, microwaves, computer screen, etc ... but now we will be consuming it within our foods and water (whether your vegan/veggie or meat eater). Basically the Fukushima explosion is estimated to take a few thousand years to clean up which is far beyond 30 generations of our kids, kids and this will be leaking through our rain system for thousands of years to come.

Billions are on the verge of death and don't even know it. I'm not here to sugar coat anything but to make you aware that global genocide has began and its inevitable that billions are going to die unless you are one of the luck ones which DNA can mutate through this process.

Water - this is just the beginning and it will only get worse as the radiation makes full contact with the western hemisphere which will affect ALL of America. Africa seems to be the safest play in the world right now.

So here we are - the safest place to be on this planet will be Africa and India.


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Jun 10, 2008
Try placing the "snow" in a pot on the stove and see if there is no H20 left in the process.

Fire tends grab hold of Oxygen, so not sure if this experiment with the small container of lighter fluid which creates fire (cigarette lighter) or the large container which creates fire (torch) evades the need for a constant variable.

Snow has a different density from ice meaning there are more molecules involved and evaporation does not occur as fast when fire is involved.

Just an idea... but just try the snow in the pot on the stove experiment if one is skeptical of "snow".

Judging by the experiment which was one of two that I saw today - what's interesting is when I used to live in Denver some years back I used to melt snow like that having fun with my kids. The snow quickly turned into water. You are correct in that the density is a lot different but its still water whether solid or not. All snow is is water that has frozen at temperatures below 32 degrees. When water has become frozen it doesn't matter its shape or form - when it is exposed to extreme or not so extreme heat it will melt back into its original form.


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Nov 6, 2013
yoooo.. this is crazy to the t i saw that on another website and we in disbelief

When water has become frozen it doesn't matter its shape or form - when it is exposed to extreme or not so extreme heat it will melt back into its original form.
my thought exactly


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Jun 10, 2008
Yea it should, but I guess my "science" question is, how much of that "Oxygen" is consumed by the fire. Cannot have H2O without the O.

"Snow Crystals"

are different from "Ice Crystals"

Not a chemist so would have to re-search the matter or delegate it to another for clarification.

Cloud seeding is a known practice so it could be something to it, but at what extent or purpose becomes speculative.

Hurricane Rita nor Katrina were natural "Storm Systems", so again this is recognized.

Dirty or tainted water has been with us since before "Jim Crow" and segregation. Don't drink unfiltered tap water period!

But again, when digging into things with a scientific eye, one must utilize many variables and constants to create an unbiased conclusion.


I remember when I was in Denver we used to just let the snow-flakes fall in our hands and watch them melt and turn into water. Some allowed the snow flakes to land on their tongues as they can feel the flakes turn into water. What is being experienced with these unnatural storms and these so called snow-flakes which combine causes all the snow on the ground is its inability to melt but it does go away because it evaporates without leaving water behind. that's not how it goes.

Here in California it snows in certain places so often but the snow is so light that it melts extremely fast. and the grounds are soaking wet. That's when snow was snow - and now the snow doesn't leave the ground wet - it evaporates and people just assumed that the snow dried up fast.

Something else is going on here - and yes your observation of the O in the H2o is legit - but then the ocean watch has always had a high percentage of O (up to 73%) which has not stopped which is where the snow/rain is coming from extremely cold water/snow from melting.


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Dec 6, 2005
You know, I distrust the government as much as anyone, but this is just too much for me to take seriously. I've seen the videos, and I can say they are entertaining at the most.

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