Chief Elder Osiris : Is There No More Pride For Afrika An In Black Afrikans, By Black Afrikans?

Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
Is There No More Pride For Afrika And In Black Afrikans, By Black Afrikans?

By Chief Elder Osiris

There Is Much More Where This Come From.

Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

I think the question presented here is a valid one and need to be answered by Black people honestly, because what I know of our past and what I see of our presence, when it come to Afrika and Black people interaction with Afrika and with each other, the most honest reply has to be that Black people are a people without pride for Afrika and for self, and Afrika and Black people now is suffering because there is a lack of pride for Afrika and the Black self.

The evidence is very compelling against Black people behavioral display toward Afrika and self, such a behavior coming from Black people when Afrika is concern, is that Black people have lost all spiritual connection to Afrika, thus with our Ancient cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors, and because of such a lost, there can be no display of self pride coming from Black Afrikan people.

A people without self pride will end up trying to justify everything that people with a history belittling Black people and raping Afrika for her resource, do to Black people, without any act of resistance coming from those people who carry the inheritance of Afrika and the DNA of our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors.

Yet such a proof of our need to protect Afrika and the Black Afrikan self, is no where to be founded in the spirit being displayed by present day Black Afrikans.

The nerve of Secretary Clinton having the gall to approach Black Afrikan Leaders to get them to go against Qaddafi, a Afrikan leader with our Ancestors blood running through his veins, and has proven not to be a sucker for western leadership dictation.

There is no pride for Afrika coming from Black Afrikan people that will allow them to demonstrate a pride and knowledge that Afrika is for the Afrikans and the Black Afrikan Nation, that has been scattered to the four winds of this planet earth, we must become reunited again in Afrika, the only place where Black Afrikan Unity will make a difference for Afrika and the lives of Black Afrikan people.

What kind of an Afrikan that can turn a blind eye to what the Devil is doing in and to Afrika, why is it that Hillery feel comfortable in walking right dab in the middle of Black Afrikan Leader campaigning against one of the most strongest brothers in and for Afrika.

Qaddafi is a leader who was not afraid in the face of the Arab world and the western world, to advocate for a United States of Afrika, knowing what the potential will be for the Black Afrikan, which is the fulfillment of Garvey Dream, a United Black Afrikan Nation, and yet we Black folks have not the bravery nor the pride for Afrika and self to rise up together in opposition to what Obama has ordered and started in Afrika, that can lead to a domino effect of reconfiguration of the Mother Land, Afrika.

There should be a dare call to go out to members of the Au, informing them if they comply with Hillery wishes in calling for Quaddafi to step down as the leader of Libya, such a move would show all Black Afrikans who can not be trusted and is a traitor to Afrika, and Black Afrika need for Freedom.

There must be a coming together among Black Afrikan people to gain control of our own house and in so doing we will be obligated to eliminate all that is unclean mentally in Afrika, and the cleanliness of a Black Afrikan Mind is a Mind that is willing to fight, so that Afrika will in fact, for the Black Afrikan, and the Black Afrikans will no longer tolerate any belittling, disrespect coming from anybody claiming to be Civilized and intelligent, not even the ignorant amongst us has the right to belittle and disrespect Afrika and Black Afrikan people.

Self Respect and pride is not to be compromised, especially when it come to be Black Afrikan people, we have for Myriads of Time been the recipient of Racism, Discrimination, unjust prejudice, and from such spirits, there is no justice that come there from to Black people.

So, it is now Time to cut all of the useless talking, and become ready to back such talk with action that will secure our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, such is the Sacred inheritances that is qualified to have Afrika to be for the Afrikan and to secure a United Black Afrikan Nation.

Foolish people with a lack of self awareness we have been made to become, and where there is no knowledge of self, there is no pride of self, and such a self is fair game to be used as the world fool.

Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

Chief Elder

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