Black People : Is There Anyone Interested In True Ethnohistory?

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Feb 18, 2013
It seems that many folks on and off the net aren't that interested in real scientifically proven facts about race and history. Why? Because the facts are too politically incorrect? Maybe because people are just too brainwashed and too loyal to the Politically Correct System they are living in?

Two of my threads were shut down for strange reasons. I posted several, very important and interesting information, and I also automatically mentioned the sources of the information, though it was shut down. Too shocking, too insulting? Maybe, but that doesn't change the facts I posted. Also when you are on the Internet, you can use, cut, past and post whatever you want because that's where the Internet is made for. NO ONE on the Internet can punish you or forbid you to do that (that's technically impossible, by the way!)!!! Yes, hackers can trace and steal your personal information, of course, but they can't punish you or forbid you anything.

Anyway, I'm going to try to send more important and interesting facts about race and history in this new thread. I'm going to give it a LAST try VERY CAREFULLY!!!

Here we go again, this is a continuation of my previous threads (Let Me Introduce Myself, The Absolute Truth About Race And History).

Let's analyse the ancient Balkan civilizations. Some early 20th century experts and writers even mentioned Negroid skeletons at places in the Balkans. Let's quote one of them:

"Since the publication of M. Verneau's work, other skeletons of Negroids have been described from the Neolithic of Illyria and the Balkans. The prehistoric statuettes from Sultan Selo in Bulgaria, dating from the Copper Age, seem to represent figures of Negroids. (According to Zupanic in "Les premiers habitants des pays Yougo-Slaves," Revue Anthropologique, P- 32.)."

-Fossil Men : Elements Of Human Paleontology (1923) by Marcellin Boule

Also it's highly likely that the renowned Vinca culture all over the Balkans was created by Black peoples. You can see it on the little statue of the so-called "Lady Vinca":

Lady_of_Vinca (1).jpg

The Vinča culture was an early culture (between the 6th and 3rd millennium B.C.), stretching around the course of the Danube in what is today Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Bulgaria, and the Republic of Macedonia - although traces of it can be found all around the Balkans, as well as parts of Central Europe and Asia Minor (Anatolia).

In the older Starčevo settlement, located in the deepest layers of Vinča sites; mud huts with tent roofs were discovered in which the settlers of the Starčevo-culture lived and were also buried. During the period of the Vinča Culture, houses were erected above ground, with complex architectural layouts, and several rooms built of wood that were covered in mud. The houses in the settlement are facing northeast and southwest, with streets between them. Other settlements include Divostin, Potporanj, Selevac, Pločnik, Predionica Liobcova and Ujvar.

Recent excavations at the site of the Pločnik settlement, have shed considerable light on the Vinča culture. The Pločnik settlement flourished from 5,500 B.C. until it was destroyed by a fire in 4700 B.C. The findings suggest an advanced division of labor and central organization.

Vinča houses had stoves, and special holes specifically for rubbish. The dead were buried in cemeteries. People slept on woolen and fur mats, and made clothes of wool, flax and leather. The figurines found not only represent deities but many show the daily life of the inhabitants. Women are depicted in short tops and skirts and wearing jewelry. A thermal well found near the settlement might be evidence of Europe's oldest spa.

The preliminary dating of a Pločnik metal workshop, with a furnace and copper tools, date to 5,500 B.C. If correct, that indicates that the Copper Age, could have started in Europe, 500 years or more earlier than previously thought. The sophisticated furnace and smelter, featured earthen pipe-like air vents, with hundreds of tiny holes in them and a chimney to ensure air goes into the furnace to feed the fire, and smoke comes out away from the workers. Copper workshops found elsewhere, and from later periods, once thought to indicate the beginnings of the Copper Age, were less advanced, and didn't have chimneys, and workers there, had to blow air on the fire with bellows.

The Vinča people left little signs of their languages, which may be isolated from any languages existing today. Their writings, the Vinča symbols, might be pictograms. Here is more information.

Here is an example of Vinca symbols:

Tartaria_tablets (1).jpg

The Vinča symbols, or signs, also known as the Vinča alphabet, Vinča-Turdaş script, or Old European script, are a set of symbols found on prehistoric artifacts from southeastern Europe. A few scholars believe they constitute a writing system of the Vinča culture.

In 1875, archaeological excavations led by the archeologist Zsófia Torma (1840–1899) at Tordos (today Turdaş, Romania) unearthed a cache of objects inscribed with previously unknown symbols. In 1908, a similar cache was found during excavations conducted by Miloje Vasich (1869-1956) in Vinča, a suburb of Belgrade (Serbia), some 120 km from Tordos. Later, more such fragments were found in Banjica, another part of Belgrade. Since then, over one hundred and fifty Vinča sites have been identified in Serbia alone, but many, including Vinča itself, have not been fully excavated. Thus, the culture of the whole area is called the Vinča culture, and the script is often called the Vinča-Tordos script.

The discovery of the Tartaria tablets in Romania by Nicolae Vlassa in 1961 reignited the debate. Vlassa believed the inscriptions to be pictograms and the finds were subsequently carbon-dated to before 4000 B.C, thirteen hundred years earlier than the date he expected, and earlier even, than the writing systems of the Sumerians and Minoan's. To date, more than a thousand fragments with similar inscriptions have been found on various archaeological sites throughout south-eastern Europe, notably in Greece (Dispilio Tablet), Bulgaria, former Yugoslavia, Romania, eastern Hungary, Moldova, and southern Ukraine.

Chinese scholars have suggested that such signs were produced by a convergent development, of what might be called a precursor to writing, which evolved independently in a number of societies. Indeed, there are some similarities between Sumerian cuneiform script, and stone markings from Çatalhöyük in Turkey, and Kamyana Mohyla in Southern Ukraine: both predating the Vinča culture by several millennia.

These people are likely Haplogroup I (Celts/Gauls), who may also have formed the Cucuteni-Trypillian culture. Here is again more information.
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