Black Spirituality Religion : Is the New Age Movement a Faux??


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Feb 26, 2008
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Don't Ask

Oprah did not "make" Beloved. That was a work of Toni Morrision. Oprah produced and starred in it, but she did not make it.

BTW that was an excellent adaptation of a novel. Followed the book almost to the letter.


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Apr 17, 2008
True indeed........the NAM is basically the buffer zone, as you refer to it. I can definitely see that, because most followers of the NAM are dependent upon the "revelations" of one person. Kind of like how religious people are dependent on the "understanding" of their religious leader.
In addition, I think that the "powers that be" encourages the New Age Movement because they know that its followers don't necessarily stand a chance against them just because they switched philosophies & belief systems.

They know that in the stream of conscious evolution, individuals will start to wake up. To counter that, the "powers that be" gives them NAM aka "White Light Spirituality".


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Jun 19, 2007
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Yessir. The New Age movement is as fake as it gets. Those people claim to be channeling "angels." Bro. Darkside made it clear that we are the fallen angels. We know the angels spoken of in the Bible are mythical and can be traced back to ancient Africa.

The New Age movement also paints a half a$z picture. Most of them think that the European Illuminati will be defeated by the "Galactic Federation". We know that aint NOBODY coming to save us.

One of the mystical figures of the New Age movement is St. Germain. He is said to have founded freemasonry and Rosicrucianism under the moniker of Sir Francis Bacon. I've NEVER heard Afrikan occultist speak of the bullshxt, that these New Agers speak of. I personally think that Elite European occultist are behind the New Age movement and are doing it to give the conspiracy theorist community a false sense of hope.
Africans never speak of St. Germain not because they are not real, but because him and his people have very little to do with Africa and African people.
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