Black Relationships : Is the economy affecting your relationship?


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Jun 19, 2005
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Well the world is fixated on the Arnold scandal. First let me say when you cheat, cheat with someone that is better than what you have at home. I think Maria Shriver is right on not holding on. Women have put up with so much over the centuries allowing their men to cheat on them. Now women aren't so thrill to turn the other cheek. Turning the other cheek has caused women to retaliate against their mate. Now I think Mr. Arnold was bold for having his mistress in the house. He will be lucky to keep his Conan outfit once she get thru with him. Is the economy forcing our partners to cheat?

In my own personal opinion alot of relationships are being affected by it. You are used to living a certain to find the luxuries are no more. If there are two people in the home paying bills, and one slack it is damaging. How is it damaging because the weight and pressure is much that your arguing more. I know that money is the number one issue that is breaking families apart, and it can cause a lot of heartache. Husband/boyfriend feel pressured by all the bills can find themselves wondering from the home. Why do men wonder because they don't want to hear a nagging woman with problems. My dad said men don't want to hear about bills and nagging, complaints. See this is where men meet women that is totally opposite from you.

I'm not bashing men but women we cheat too. We get tired of being ignored because their too busy to give us attention. I was flattered to hear all types of compliments was I tempted yes, and no. Things may not be great at home but you have to be willing to work it out. Men been cheating since the beginning of time this isn't something that just started. I for one is not going to stand by and let my man keep cheating. If he can't respect our relationship it isn't worth working it out. I find that most men don't use protection and put your health at risk. There are a lot of scenarios what is your opinion ladies/Im sure some gents too........


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Apr 21, 2007
LOL I like your topics Nevar


Yes it has...even though I'm not in a relationship any more it did affect my last relationship...We were both struggling a little financially and it took a toll on seeing each other because we lived far and so it was difficult to get tickets to see one another when we both had bills and money wasn't coming in like it used too..

NOW, I will say this, as far as my single life and dating men in this economy is the pits....Now I'm not a gold-digger, but I do like to be wined and dined every once in awhile...And the last two guys I went out on dates with were B-R-O-K-E and understandably so...both were not employed and so it seemed like I was coming out of pocket and I'm the one with the most bills and the job.

I remember before all this economy BS men never had a problem taking me out and now most of the ones I meet don't have jobs. :SuN045:


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Jun 19, 2005
I'm a Georgia Peach!!!!
working to own my plus size empire.....
i dont know when the last time i ever went out on a date. their are so many people out of work that some have to perpertrate. it is hard to date knowing that you dont know the other person agenda. i just hate to be out of pocket when it is a common thing for the man to pick up the check so to speak. now dont get me wrong i can pay too but dont expect every date. that lets me know you cant bring nothing to the table but your body. thanks for responding to this.......


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Mar 21, 2001
I think to say yes , for number of reasons there are so many who have been affected
by the bad economy wherte relationships starting to suffer because the mighty dollar.

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