Amun-Ra : Is It Time?


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Mar 30, 2001
and for the record, i never said there weren't any other species that mated for life. i said there weren't many.

this higher form of life has created many, many problems of the world, including the near destruction of "lower" forms of life - like your eagles. they were just about extinct for a while. no wonder they only mate for life. ;)

Mike Ramey

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Jul 26, 2002
It's PAST Time...

Thanks for letting me get in on this great issue, Amun-Ra!

Look, we are going to have to take off the blinders on this one, Fam. Folk are going to marry WHO they want, WHEN they want.

Let's look back. Interracial marriage is NOT the 'dirty thing' that we tend to think it is. It has been going on for a looooooong time. What upsets me is the 'small mindedness' and 'hypocrisy' among our ranks.

Like I said on another post; If Black Men don't own Black Women, and if Black Women don't own Black Men, then what business is it of mine who the sister down the street decides to marry...and vice versa!

Now, IF someone is being mistreated, then there is the potential for involvement. But, where the 'I DOs' are being exchanged, that is an INDIVIDUAL decision between a man and a woman...not a community event!

This 'issue' upsets us more than OUR kids killing each other on the streets of our cities...which is sad.

Another thing...those statistics that were cited. Yeah, I've read the same stats. However, I find it interesting that Black folk can be so 'accurately' counted in jail by the federal government, but the same group of Feds have 'undercounted' us for years in the neighborhoods. "Don't Believe The Hype" written by F. Childeya a few years ago exposed a lot of that miscounting garbage. Plus, how is it that WE are always undercounted...but Latinos (they used to be called 'hispanics' and 'Puerto Ricans'...but there has been a name changes--LOL) are 'accurately' counted in numbers 'surpassing' Black Folks.

Bottom line: Black Women and Black Men don't need 'permission' to marry anyone. The 'race' has existed since the dawn of time, and interracial marriages have been going on since that...and so has racism.

I am married to a wonderful woman who is my Queen...and I am her King. There are some sisters who have trouble with this...and she is black and so are they...and so am I. THEIR problem is that they 'want' into the relationship...thus they 'feign' jealousy and outrage. Well, if the truth be told, God put my wife into my life, and I'd be a fool to 'settle' for some 'jealous' sister just to make the 'race' 'feel good'. Sorry, but a man/woman can only marry ONE person at a time. MORE than that, in the USA, is illegal. So is man/woman sharing.

The REAL problem is between not blacks and whites, but lighter blacks and darker blacks. We've got all the colors of the rainbow among our people...from the highest yellows to the darkest black. But WE still can't get along with each other. In some parts of our community, since my wife is darker than I, she is 'looked down on' by other black folk. This is also true of dark brothers who have 'light' wives....not 'white' wives.

That's my two cents worth.

Mike Ramey


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Feb 15, 2001
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Oops, dere it is!

Mike has called it straight--we still haven't heard from the women--it is easy for us men to shoot off out mouths because we aren't affected directly--we do what we want, but I sure wouldlike to hear from more women on this issue--I think Mike's got it right when he says that we don't own each other--we say its past time that women do as they please, but that's just a bunch of hardhead men taking--tell us what you think--and don't be gentle--we like it rough!



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