Law Forum : Is It Legal to Post Pictures of People Online - Without Their Permission?

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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Peace and Blessings Family,

I would have thot that you needed a person's permission to post a picture of them, but obviously that is not the case! There are bunches of people taking images of folk as they move around their respective cities, and posting them to facebook and other web sites. We've all seen the pictures, folk in Walmart, dressed krazee, look'n krazee, all of that ... and there's obviously no laws being broken ... since so many are doing it ... right?!

Additionally, there's this couple allegedly in the middle of a marriage proposal, being sought by the photographer ... :thinking: ... what if they are both already married, and the man was giving her a promise ring ... after they both flew to D.C. for a hot, intimate rendezvous?!

The photographer has essentially put all of their business in the street, for them!

Is this legal to do ... ???

When is it not legal ... ???

I guess if she were making any money from the pictures, or was selling them, then it would not be allowed?!!!

Even without her 'making money' she is benefiting from the exposure, all on TV and stuff, building what could be a budding career, based on the images of these strangers she took pictures of!?

This is wild ... you don't have to put your own business in the streets, there are a whole bunch of folk with cameras in their cell phones, just waiting for you to step out onto the street! :peekk:

lol ... okay ... seriously ... when is it illegal to take pictures of people, and post them ... if ever?

How would you feel if you stumbled upon pictures of your own self, online, that you never knew existed?!

Thanks in advance.

Love Yall!




Sep 8, 2005
(G.I.)- Better known as Gary,In.
Greetings Sister Destee...

As u know I am not a lawyer...But some things I do it takes a court order for the police to take Pic of in surveillance. It's takes a signed release for the News paper to release a pic of folk in there homes. remember home is the operative word...In my lifetime I have signed 2. For the most part this is why the Police will always keep the news peeps at a distance at a crime scene.

I may be wrong but I would think a crowd seen was fair game..for it was in in point....The end of WW2 the Famous kiss..the one with the sailor and the girl kissing in Time Square. But I would still think they(news papers) got a release for that one too.

Now about the would take somebody with more savvy then I to answer that Question.

Lilpea.. :1on1:

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Brother lilpea ... it doesn't seem that it's against the law for police, city officials, etc., to take pictures of folk, because they have cameras everywhere now. They say most people are photographed several times a day, without them even being aware, just by moving around in the city! Maybe it's what they do with those pictures, that might make them illegal ... but of course ... i have no idea!

Plus ... with folk putting other people's pictures all online, obviously without their permission, it makes me think that it must not be illegal ... or that there is a certain line that must be crossed, before it does become illegal.

I'm like you ... i don't know either ... but based on the evidence, so many doing it ... i'm left to surmise it is not illegal.

Brother LilPea ... how would you feel if some pictures of you, and let's say, some great date you were having with a Sister at a restaurant, ended up online ... going viral on youtube ... how would you feel? Would you be flattered or insulted?

Love You!



Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant

LONDON – The UK already is the West’s most surveyed nation – the average Londoner is secretly photographed an average 425 times a day.


I couldn't find any numbers on Americans, but this article says the following :

“There are an estimated 30 million surveillance cameras now deployed in the United States shooting 4 billion hours of footage a week. Americans are being watched. All of us, almost everywhere.”


Both of these articles are old, so i'm sure the numbers have increased.

Police, government, private corporations, etc., are photographing us, we just don't hardly ever see the pictures.

I guess if you do see the pictures, you're in a court of law, and they're being used against you.

Love You!



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