Black People : Is it a Conspiracy?:Off-duty cop kills honor student


Dec 6, 2006
East Coast
DETROIT — Like millions of others across the country on Thanksgiving weekend, 16-year-old Brandon Moore, a straight-A student at Osborne High School, went out to shop with his friends on the afternoon of Nov. 26.

But Brandon never came home.

An off-duty Detroit police officer, moonlighting on security duty at the National Wholesale Liquidators store in the Bel-Air mall on Detroit’s east side, shot him once in the back as Brandon ran from him. The bullet pierced his heart.


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Oct 21, 2005
I am terribly sorry that happened to that young Brother and his loved ones. However, I'd like to address: there has GOT to be some "fringe" group of white supremacists possibly the Klan, who are setting out to ruin functionable, up & coming young Black (people) men before their potential is unleashed. C'mon now, all these recent killings of innocent BP?!?! That scene from "Higher Learning" with Remy killing Omar Epps from the roof of a college was another "hint" that Hollywood fed us.

JFP mentioned a few months ago that a couple of young college-bound Brothers were gunned down on cold blood; assailant: unknown.

I believe the Klan and other white extremist groups are fishing out and spying on BM, and paying "hard up" BM to kill each other.
Believe me the funding IS there for it to happen. I also belive "agencies" actually fueled many of the gang wars, particularly those in Cali. How hard is it to spray-paint a line through a rival gangs graffiti, and getsome killing started?????

Just recently, In Sacramento County, CA, a young prominent entrepreneur was gunned down just after exiting an after-hour joint (bar/restaurant), accompained by his wife; no known enemies. The assailant was a common WM, whom the law took days to release even a description of. Ironically, this Brother had ties to affluent places in the local media. I believe this was a contract killing as well. If I could find news link, I will.

I say all of this to say: If you are on come-up mode; don't ever tell a non-Black your plans; they are extremely jealousof ANY advancement a Black person strives for. Pay close attention to who you allow into your "circle".

I am an optimist; yet, I am hard-pressed to debunk the blanket assertion that conspiracy theories are just.... theories.




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Feb 1, 2005
StreetNationEarth: Seattle
The Meek !Shall! Inherit the Earth.
Isn't it rather obvious to everyone that the klan has swapped out those sheets for bankers' suits? As far as I am concerned, pretty much everything in this society is, and has been for a while, run by the klan.

Maybe it's from living way over here in the corner in this purentee crackerbarrell, but I've been watching this mess get worse and worse ever since reagan. I don't expect it's gonna get any better any time soon ... well, at least from the perspective that it is gonna slow down on it's own initiative.

Politics, economics, entrepreneurialism ain't gonna cut it, since they have written all the rules, policies and procedures. Getting up out of here ain't gonna do much either; where ya gonna go that they can't get to? And there's always somebody wanting to make a buck, one way or another.

It will take all of the real humans (the non-white ones) coming together and just "ignoring" that broken sub-human. IF one is strong enough, one can ignore anything ... but, sadly, it looks as if all that is wanted is to get on top of the pile and do the same to other people.

Everything that you "know" and do is based on a foundation that is not valid for this environment ... but who wants to work hard enough to do anything about it? `Sides, in order to do what needs to be done, money, politics and "control" will all have to be returned to the fictional place from which they came ... but I'm out to lunch and y'all know so much better ... even as you keep reacting to the devestations that have been going on ever since they first came out of the caucasus. <shrug>

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