Black People : Is Black Lit Dead?


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Apr 16, 2001
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But that is how it goes that way. Part of my orginal complaint was that good books do not have to be pretty and glamourour to be good. It is the story that make is good, and I think that CWD is a very good story. As far as characters and settings go, it was a good desription, but I think the story is a compelling one that goes untold today. I have yet to haveo someone read the hwole thing and say it was bad, but that does not mean much, because I never see black people truly critique anything. How hard is it to say that something sucks.

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Feeling good today fam...just been reading a couple of books. I think Dennis Kimbro's "Daily Motivations for African American Success" is one of the best motivational books on the market. This book has motivation for each day of the year on each page and all of these relate to your own Blackness. No matter what you're experiencing there's something in that book you could draw from. ✊
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