Black Positive People : Introducing Barbados: The First Developed Black Country


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Sep 11, 2013
Ok, I think it would have more fair to change the title to:

"Introducing Barbados: The first MODERN developed black country"

Do you guys agree or disagree?


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Feb 12, 2004
Angela22's point is not just academic. Bermuda, for instance, is a majority-African country, with large numbers of African American and African Caribbean expats. It has the highest or 3rd highest per capita income in the world, depending on which indices are used.

Equatorial Guinea has a 'developed country' per capita income, as high ca. $35k in recent years, though with very large income disparities. If the trajectory holds, Botswana will soon have a 'developed country' per capita income. And of course historically, the major pre-invasion African states had significantly higher standards of living than most of the world, and would almost certainly have been called highly-developed by the African men and women of those eras.

As another poster said above, it's laudable to cheer the Bajans. But the lack of popular knowledge about the wealth and power of the African World leads to oversights and inadvertent omissions and insults. It's a result of the reality that so much of what we think we know about the African World and even our own African American communities is filtered through a haze of misinformation, distortion, exaggeration, understatement, lies, and myths pedaled by racists and other dullards outside our communities and too often parroted by men and women inside our communities.

The wealth and power of the African World is a too well-kept secret, especially from too many of we Africans.
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