Black Poetry : Intensive aggression could lead to expensive questions about behavior and attitude must make major


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May 11, 2006
Intensive aggression could lead to expensive questions about
behavior and attitude must make major moves and give shouts
can't live without styles, shook and corrupt then look up and fill
ceiling with ill feelings and still revealing BLACK HIP HOP that kill
the bore I will restore some stuff, sling fact and bring back flavor
believe it or not jest squeezed a thot kissed her lips a lot so major
started to rain the thunder shook as I undertook a math class departed
the classroom with every detail met a merry female in a miniskirt
plenty work ahead she flirt lips red it was rumors and results alert
me on consumer products have plans to be a bold lover and like
a manhole cover I'm a solid piece of iron and feast as a lion tonight
on the street at night try keep bright fans have deep insight awight
duck situations when there's peace fluctuations a change in mood
could be strange and rude 's hard to elude dude with attitudes
having success you seeing skies but best being wise life clear
and approve after a shrewd career move and now sip beer
some girls with hips in here now I'm at TAYLOR DO IT in
VIRGINIA BEACH have to be quick I see chicks that strut butt
so hold up gonna rap to one an affair can be real with luck
in FAIRFIELD she's got grown breasts have on a dress stuck
on her beauty it's a mini-dress and plenty bless a nice fit
sweaty brown thighs her boyfriend mess around in her pies
I bet they be sitting on the bed while she's gitting love fed and lies
to her head he prefer red lipstick oh he jest kiss her lips right there
and tonight stare into her eyes stir fried like chicken in the kitchen aware
of what MIGOS is talking about her breasts poking renown gown open
oh she can't go anywhere far as sex plenty there now he gets her smoking
tongue and was joking some, a chick wit breasts boys wanna lick and caress
quick to mess with her body oh this is naked bliss and take this it is best
I holler at her “LOOK BOO in the hood I holler a good scholar put collars
on dogs, you got a body figure the party gets bigger ready to spend dollars
any chick wit butt belong in a pick up truck I think pink on the brink of sex
this affair is bless but my hair in a mess my mind in the air and nest with complex
birds flying above and trying to love crying at the club for a slow dance and next
romance then text with a chance of getting some letting none escape my nose
and take them a rose, smell something burning

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