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Feb 17, 2013
If you did not already know this the goverment built the Information Technology schematic along with other geniuses. Many people of IT knows this and so, is your information being watched by IP Address? Yes. Does it really matter what goes down?? No! Cause the whole setup is to divide and conquer. To encourage information by way of technology. Can your node be hacked into? Yes. As of right now if you own a IP address it must be registered. These IP addresses are regulated and kept within a router and server, if my memory serves me correctly. All information whether it is "perceived as criminal or peaceful" is still being recorded. Why have they choose this path? To prevent "real" communication and scare the minds of the masses, which is controlled by the media. Hence Malcolm X.... if you live constantly in fear then no one will be able to communicate via IT or psychically. The studies showed that one who is at peace, eating correctly according to nature, and is cultural rooted in his or her own is more likely to be at peace and communicate via psychically. The gifts are stated in those same books we often refuse to read and even passed down from our ancestors to avoid being "trembling on the edge" when it comes to communicating. Respect is first to yourself and mirrors of the nation. If you have no respect for yourself then your nation does not also for you. We can respectfully bow down to rules that constantly hurt us but become in "fear" when trying to alleviate it. If you look back on the past it will show anyone the future. Did they die for an age to be still in fear and preoccupied on holding information like storage servers?? No. They got more work done faithfully in the Creator knowing if they did not do the work then the nation as we speak would not have exist. Information Technology is criminal in it's own offense and defense and so why are we defending it and it's rules when we constantly talk about moving away from it? You have Kings and Queens to be that see this constantly and hope dies cause they know when the occasion to come together is now, the ones thinking like back in the day when the chiefs discussed over how they was going to get the King back to safety always ponder on "how they was not sure and this and that" and so one little female said enough was enough. You know this female and she is famed with all an ancestor can get and more. She already knew that in war so people are going to die and some are going to keep the struggle alive. You have birth and death which is a neverending cycle. What is the use of all of this and just not move forward aggressively? We have done all the snickering around and so much forth and trust me, the people you are scared of is watching regardless. Watching your taxes and every move spiritually. So why even debate as scholars with news given to you as it will be cycle back as a hit to their servers in the first place? To retrieve information in the form of numbers, your mac addresses, what kind of software you have, if your server functions on your computer is turned on or not, if you are computer literate to see if there are background function running while you are constantly debating on whether to move in this direction or not. The art of war is seriously subtle. Even this post is being watched whether it is criminal or not. Ever wonder why you show up with info unheard of? You can request to have it stop or the govenment will save but then you give up your phone number and address, which was already registered since birth. So you have no way of privacy and if you think it it is being watch via satellite. I could not get into the satellite program cause they probably figured this "ninja is way too smart for this clearance" but what for when books are there. And books are there to read the other person's mind and research where they came from. Everybody pretty much came from the place--no-thing. Do you think IT is a blessing for us or a curse? In my opinion I think it is a curse. I seriously know we are just a bunch of people, individually suited for self, which is okay to a high degree. Get money over blacks, whites, yellows, browns and whatever other hue-man kind. Come together with business or just be crabs in bucket picking off information constantly battling. To those who are free minded please rule over your people of all colors. It was written you know. There will never be a complete vacuum of unity as evil exist with good so can a nation vibration elevate? yes! Will it? I don't know about you but after this I really do not care cause we all read the same books or discover the same to be acting differently but this one person goal was the same for all who read it and yet the emotion separates us all due to be low in vibration and no harmony. I truly see why cults, gangs, mafias, religious organizations, cliques, governments exist cause it is the game playing the masses while the true individuals who know what is going on get picked out one by one. So how do you blend in with people not of your kind? You cannot if your look at khemistry carefully. There are certain bonds at certain levels due to a empowered spiritual nature in a soulful way, even though we are all one and suppose to become all one to be turned on as one, yet we are all individuals and no need to discuss it anymore really just live in harmony playing each other and it is a cold game indeed. So like a brother of mine now in heaven said once upon a time..."it is best to laugh now and cry later". Welcome to networking....


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Feb 17, 2013
Even your cellphones are being watched so stay in the mindset of being watched and shiver in fear. Remember you cell phones have mac addresses too! Everything electronic can be traced and hack me. We use to do this on a regular as military people with drive-by laptops and pdas a long time ago. You get taught to hack in the schools of the get taught to recon or retrieve information. You get taught everything like the police...ever wonder why they are getting more militant? The police is the military! I could join right now and climb the ranks big and buff with the KKK, Nazi, CCC, Sellouts and more...they get extra ranking cause of it and this information is known just like everything else so they are telling you boldly to step up and we will shut you down by any means necessary. Make you wanna turn into a High Priest to fight back balanced spiritually getting your higher power back. Cause one extreme does attract the other. Law of attraction and opposites and gender, and so on. I've experience my phone being tapped at a local level and I had nathan to do with nothing just because I was prior military--which to them means able to lead a nation but they twist the wording. They can slap a RICO on me but before they do I will surely slap one to my dome. I got homies in the P and they told me a few years ago "please do not even consider going in...kill yourself first cause up in here they are physically enslaved and out there where you are they are mentally enslaved." So their you go information technology networking one on one and of course I know about the hardware and software too! Who you think taught it to us signal and communication vets?? I know the higher you go consciously, the brighter you shine and they have to pick you off and kill you. All of the high people from the past are resting in peace and knew it and even predicted it before they're death. It is true that you can live a thousands deaths or die once....I rather be heaven cause the only thing I haven't felt yet is the bullets and everytime that cop comes up with his hand on the butt of the weapon, finger clutched, jaws clinching, button on the holster off, gun off safety...I just know one day or night it will be me regardless of what I do; so do I let him or her fill me up and claimed justified homicide or blast back knowing on earth I did my best? Death is truly indeed around the corner for every black male, especially the young. Maybe I'm wrong but what I see flashes at me everytime from the handcuffs, to that one beating, constantly fed hatred for racial profiling, I cannot communicate nowhere, either bow down in a religious group or join the working force with a government paycheck dictating my times of work and asking for a raise, and now these days when I can come out of my own neighborhood and people are worried about IT and security? Maybe I see too much or I might need to move away to a silent location like Dr. Sebi. Cause I can't get along with my natural partner for reasons known and you can do everything you can but it doesn't help. Not trying to creep on the otherside of females cause you get the feeling of unhappiness to an extent or certain type of frequency even though I'm not racist and it is just something I cannot even put a word on. So you really learn to be by yourself while looking back at the world like forget it all this cause there is got to be something higher than this and myself. Like that poem written in that education department about "every brain has a mind"...indeed we all do and this was my only vice left of the world I know it so. I'm just finishing up studies by using IT to my advantage mastering the world as I see it balanced. You learn to be the supplier of the earth needs and wants for those who are not high in consciousness. I have to say I paid my dues from the streets, corporate sector, government as they are all just particles of everything like us like IT is really the human body dissected into different bodies from the human body. These higher beings are really playing the game for keeps...shhh look at Billy Gates on his own island!! Supplied the world to meet their demand of wants and needs...he followed the stars in heaven yes indeed. But I'm not jealous, envious or mad at him cause at least his family is straight for eternal life. Now it is time for me to help the other ones of my family and be happy solo strong playing my piano while sitting by window watching the waters come in and out, or underground maybe or in a mountaintop. Information Technology...the true enemy to all minds..."better get your cash and dash" 2Pac. Peace.

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Sep 29, 2005
Temple of Kali, Yubaland
Creative Industrialist
Networking is the key. Tradititional forms of organizing for action are obsolete. I remember back in the 70s when professors told me that the Feds can arrest and lock up any group of 3 or more and call it an unlawful assembly.

That's why coalitions no longer are effective because mother orgs have been neutralized. But we find ways to work in pairs or individual initiatives and use this mobile technology as effective as we can.

Just be careful with who you share that mobile phone number with and don't log into the wrong site because its a GPS tracking device and once the private sector legally obtains drone technology its endgame for us like the film terminators. Except for us under their radar and outside the matrix.

The Secrets Beyond Matter and Materialism Revealed



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Feb 17, 2013
Downloading the book now cause I enjoying reading other minds about the game. Keep passing the books on seriously. I got alot a 5yr niece to look after and other younger females and males so you know...I got to do all I can to prevent instead of being reactive. I'm learning degrees at a time attracting beings like yourself without joining the masons. I truly believe the power is within if the mind is clear enough to receive intelligence from others, then you can see what is coming. The powers are coming back little bit by bit psychically and DNA. I always did enjoy Khemistry and Mathematics back in high school. Good looking higher being.


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Feb 17, 2013
The first thing for me is mastering the personality from a mental and emotion level. I caught on to it by recapping back in ninety nine when I went flatline...there was everything here on earth but no-thing cause the body could not be at the level where I was. I actually said to myself looking at the tubes and all like "I'm back? Dayum I gotta go back" Then the white lady with tears in the ambulance was like "no you don't you staying" threatening to stick another IV in me or something...I was like man I missed the gate but I gotta correct alot from the degree I was at when 17. I truly understand death and life, matter to a degree but I want to know more like wisdom to be more soulful and leave the earth realm whenever I want as no-thing. I'm mastering the All higher me. I really do not have a choice once you "know" as you become accountable like accountancy.

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