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Oct 1, 2017
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What incident? :huh:
I was writing up the YouTube shooting as a mass shooting event until I heard it was a lovers quarrel turned deadly so I scrubbed my original post but was unable to completely delete my whole post. I haven't been following any confirmed updates but it appears that she had some disturbing things to say. Seems from her name she's Middle Eastern but that's all I know. I really do hope I'm wrong but this has become a serious and disturbing trend so I guestimate the next mass shooting incident will be sometime within the next 3 weeks, as I said, I do hope I'm wrong. Another disturbing thing is now rearing it's ugly head. These mass shooting incidents have now become so common that if a large number of victims aren't shot dead, very few people venture past the headline.


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Feb 9, 2001
The price we pay for freedom.

"In America, we are free to stockpile weapons. We are free to order ammo online. We are free to outfit our guns with bump stocks, like the Vegas shooter did. This is the price we pay for freedom, alright. The freedom to not give a ****."****-about-mass-shootings-robbins/index.html

If the above statement is true about having the freedom to stockpile weapons, etc., then what went wrong in Waco, TX when the government swooped down and raided the Branch Davidian compound in 1993?

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