Amun-Ra : Incest! Now! I said It!


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Feb 26, 2007
In the fantasy of Afreekan Unity
if you are unwilling to acknowledge that a lesbian married to a white person just might not be the most objective to write about black men then you are just as bias as you think i am.
walker, oprah and others of dubious sexuality are intent on bashing the black male and have a long standing rep for doing so.
no, i am not going to accept that messenger or the message.

you want to get your message across? find someone with clean hands to deliver it.
TIGER WOODS taught the whole country and globe that there was no one "with clean hands". In seems that was the primary impetus for the media lynching he got.

At any other rate..DADDY....SHE was a "black youth/girl" FIRST before she engaged in sexual acts with know what it's like to have your cl...licked....FEELS good....oh...cuse me...oh so good..enough to make one forget bout the woo's of the world "if only for one nite".....


the tale of how the men took the tails WILL be told by those whose tail has been taken....especially by the W.A.D.(that's how she's a wad of ish)..WOMEN OF A FREE KAN Descent....use me up then throw me away.....




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Oct 30, 2005
when you are willing to apply the same standard to black women, we can talk.

I have no blinders on where Black women are concerned; I KNOW the ignorance that lies therein. It seems this kind of thing only becomes a problem when the ethics of Black men arises. I've seen The Color Purple on a few occasions and don't recollect coming away believing all Black men were devils and all Black women were saints...that is for damned sure.
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