Black People Politics : In surprise move, Black Lives Matter group endorses Portman


Aug 28, 2015

Sen. Rob Portman from Terrace Park (Photo: Enquirer file/Meg Vogel)

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Rob Portman narrowly won an endorsement Friday from the Black Lives Matter of Cuyahoga County, a surprise development in an already unpredictable election season.

“Most of us, even though we’re Democrats, weren’t impressed with Ted Strickland at all,” the group’s president, Jeff Mixon, told the Enquirer on Friday.

He said the organization’s seven-member executive board voted on the endorsement—with four supporting Portman and three preferring Strickland. The Cuyahoga County chapter has 52 members in all, Mixon said.

Formed in response to the recent police shootings of African-American males, the national Black Lives Matter movement has been more in sync with Democratic candidates like Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who has talked about the need to restore trust between law enforcement and the minority communities they police.

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Aug 28, 2015
Black Lives Matter pushes back on Ohio Senate endorsement

The national Black Lives Matter network is pushing back against a local Ohio group that aligns itself with the movement yet has endorsed Republican Rob Portman in his competitive reelection bid in Ohio.

Black Lives Matter of Cuyahoga County announced Friday that it was formally backing Portman in his Senate race. But the Cuyahoga group is “not an official chapter of our BLM network,” Patrisse Cullors, a co-founder of the national Black Lives Matter network, said Friday. A spokesperson added that Black Lives Matter Cleveland is the only official chapter in Ohio, and that it had not endorsed Portman.

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Aug 28, 2015
Conversation with Jeff Mixon of Black Lives Matter in Cuyahoga County
July 20, 2016

This is a conversation I had today (Wednesday, July 20) with Jeff Mixon, director of a group called "Black Lives Matter" in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Mixon's group does not appear to be affiliated with the national group.

Click link below to listen to interview

Side-note: the interviewer is the same Bryan Sanders that was accompanying a woman wearing a white KKK type hood during a protest.

Yes, whether good or bad, BLM does not have strict guide lines of who's who, what's what, etc. Focusing on unifying ideals as opposed to differences, does have it's advantages. But, here we see how differing nuances can be a big problem, too.

Too good to check? Ohio Black Lives Matter chapter endorses Portman — but …

Did Rob Portman win an endorsement from a most unlikely ally in a most unlikely place — or does it count at all? Yesterday, Politico reported that the local Cuyahoga County chapter of the Black Lives Matter network issued a statement ripping Portman’s opponent in the upcoming Senate election, former governor Ted Strickland, for his “gross financial mismanagement” in his single term. However, it didn’t happen yesterday, and it raised questions about the legitimacy of the chapter — which its spokesman may have conceded yesterday evening:

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Aug 28, 2015
It's time for the official movement/org to copyright a logo or something to distinguish themselves from the "posers". With all the anarchists and agitators just waiting to manipulate an organized and unified purpose, there are those that can easily disrupt and create confusion for the legit organizers, and allow for an image of disorganization and chaos.

The BPP for Self Defense branded their movement/org, and would shake down anyone else attempting to piggy back off of it for the sake of access and notoriety.

Being that the talking points from the BLM site suggest an opposition to the support of any political faction or agency, the headline of BLM endorsing anyone was an immediate redflag.

They more than likely would have been considered a type of surrogate... but seems that just got cut off by directly engaging in political alignments, and then essentially advertising it.

You're right. Now they have become synonymous with "cop killers" even, though they have, imo, been a non-violent, peaceful protest group. But, because of their lack of specifics they have grown in numbers more than they would if they had attached themselves to ideals that one could disagree with. But, as you say, AT THIS TIME, they need to clearly distinguish themselves, they need to "Define, Defend, and Develop", their interests. More structure.


Aug 28, 2015
I think they may not want to deter anyone from feeling like that are part of a "grass roots movement", but can't have it both ways.

Can't have an official organization, and not define it specifically along with it's affiliates or off-shoots that are supported.

The Red Cross would never allow another organization calling themselves Red Cross Now, using similar imagery, to ask for donations in the name of the Red Cross.

Remember when this happened...

Bogus Burger King? Customers say South Side restaurant isn't the real deal

Pittsburgh - The sign outside a South Side restaurant says Burger King, but Channel 11 reporter Timyka Artist reports that inside it’s not the real deal.​

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Exactly. But, now that they have benefited from attracting a massive number of supporters, it is time for them to nail down some basic structure. They may lose some support when they do that, but they can't let their name continue to be drug through the mud like it's being done now due to the ambiguity of their mission.

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