Nigeria : In pictures: Nigerian Igbo wedding


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Feb 9, 2001
Nice pictures

Thank you Brother Pan for sharing the pictures. How beautiful everyone was and the ceremonial dress was stunning. I love the different colors the bride wore and those hats....looked more like crowns they were so elegant. I would be interested in knowing more about the cultural traditions of the ceremony, i.e., why the bride changed clothes so often and why the final gown was white, the significance of the plum wine and the gourd shaped cake. What's the custom behind her having to look through the crowd for her groom? I'm also wondering whether those were braids in her hair. And her chisled features and skin tone were intereting to me from a archeological/historical point of view. Is that something due to her geographical location on the Continent caused by a certain mix of people? I know someone here knows the answers, so please share what you know.

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